Bills vs Lions Game Grades

Following this week, the only teams with worse records than the Bills include: Miami, Cleveland, Houston, Tennessee, Oakland, Green Bay, Detroit, Tampa Bay, and Arizona. Fortunately for the Bills record the Bills get to play four of those nine teams later this season with three of those four games at home.

JP_Losman_vs_Lions_10_15_06.jpgQuarterbacks: JP Losman struggled again for the second week in a row.  This time it was against a poor Detroit Lions team.  It didn't help that his offensive line gave him little to no protection.  He was pressured and hit all day long.  But still, even while struggling, he finished the day with pretty good stats.  Losman was 21/34 for 207 yards with 1 interceptions and 2 touchdowns.  He also had 3 carries for 16 yards, including one run where he scrambled away from the pressure and ran for what seemed like 30-yards to get away and then still converted 3rd and 2.  Losman also made some nice moves avoiding the pressure and hitting Roscoe Parrish in stride with a sweet looking 44-yard bomb.  While he moved around in the pocket to escape pressure sometimes, he also held the ball too long and took a couple sacks that he shouldn't have taken.  His worst was when he ran backwards for 15-yards to get away from the pressure at the end of the 1st half and took the sack instead of throwing it away.  Overall, it was an average day for JP Losman.  He did have a bunch of bad throws, including the interception where he was keying on Lee Evans the whole time.  However, he also made a bunch of good throws too and almost brought the team back from a 20-10 deficit.  Grade: C-

Running Backs: Willis McGahee ran hard again this week. He struggled against a tough front 7 and was fighting for the yards on every play. McGahee had 17 carries for 66 yards, including a nice 21-yard run on 2nd and 4. He also caught 2 passes for 14 yards. Willis struggled big time in the first half, but seemed to turn it on as the Lions focused on the pass more. Anthony Thomas finally saw some action in the game. He was used to spell Willis McGahee a bunch of times, after McGahee was roughed up a bit from some hard hits. Thomas had only 1 carry for 3-yards, but was on the field and making blocks on a few other plays. Daimon Shelton did a decent job at blocking and that was about it. Overall, it was another tough game for this unit. It would have been to see Fairchild give Willis the ball another 10 times. Hopefully he does that next week. Grade: C

Wide Receivers: Lee Evans continued to be quiet in the first half, but turned it on in the 3rd quarter. He needs to find a way to get open earlier in the game to give Losman some help. Evans finished with 8 receptions for 82 yards. Peerless Price was quiet again with only 4 catches for 27 yards. He still looks slow out there and is struggling with separating from the DBs. Josh Reed had 3 receptions for 24 yards and show some nice RAC ability. Roscoe Parrish had the play of the game, getting down the field and being open for a 44-yard touchdown from JP Losman. He caught another pass later and had 2 receptions for 48 yards and the TD, but left the game in the second quarter with a hamstring injury. Overall, it was another average day for this group. Hopefully Roscoe Parrish is okay because it seems like he is starting to take over the #2 or #3 receiver job. I would like to see him used more often. Grade: C

Tight Ends: Robert Royal saw his usual 1 catch, this time for 8 yards. But it was 3rd down and 10 and he couldn't get the yard after the catch like they needed him to. Kevin Everett was quiet again. Ryan Neufeld finally some action near the goal-line in the 4th quarter and caught a 4-yard touchdown from JP Losman. Overall, it was a quiet day for the tight ends, but the touchdown raises this grade. The blocking needs to get better too. Grade: C

Offensive Line: Again, this is the biggest problem with the Buffalo Bills. They need to fix this unit if JP Losman is to succeed. Mike Gandy was atrocious at left tackle. He couldn't block James Hall at any time and was responsible for 3 1/2 sacks, including the one where Losman was blindsided and fumbled the ball. The rest of the line wasn't much better at pass protection as Losman was pressured all day long. The run blocking was decent, but there were no big holes when they were needed. Grade: F

Defensive Line: Aaron Schobel came out strong at the beginning of the game with a sack on the first play. He was getting good pressure on Jon Kitna and did a decent job at stopping the run. However, he then seemed to disappear after the 1st quarter. Schobel finished with 4 tackles and 1 sack. Chris Kelsay had 6 tackles and 1 sack and got some pressure on the quarterback. Ryan Denney was quiet and missed a bunch of tackles. He finished with only 2 tackles and was whistled for a very costly roughing the passer penalty that helped the Lions' final scoring drive at the end of the game. Larry Tripplett continues to be the missing man. He remains the guy that is on the bottom of the stat sheet with only 2 assists and was a big part of Kevin Jones running all over the defense. Kyle Williams was the only defensive lineman that was in the game. He had 5 tackles and did a nice job getting to Jones and pressuring Kitna. Tim Anderson was very quiet with a quarterback pressure and no tackles for the day. Overall, it was a bad day for this unit. They let Kevin Jones run all over them. The pass pressure was decent, but not enough. Grade: D

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