Game 7 Preview: Bills v. Patriots

The "season of hope" is seeing that hope circling the drain. The picture forming by Levy's "the future is now" motto is bleak indeed. Continuing on with the theme of the Bills from the new millennium, the Patriots are a good team so expect the Bills to lose easily. The Patriots are also built on solid fundamentals. The Bills are not.

Offensively expect whatever the Bills can muster via big plays, perhaps largely off of broken plays, to be the sum total of their scoring. Fans expecting much in the way of long, sustained drives for more than perhaps a drive, maybe two, will once again be disappointed. McGahee will not have a good day and hasn't done anything beyond average, usually much worse, outside of his single game vs. the Jets. Expect little production from the tight ends. Expect to see several shots of Bills' linemen standing around looking back at JP after a defensive jailbreak.

Expect 20-something percent 3rd-down "production" and expect 0-fer red zone production if in fact the Bills can manage to get themselves into the red zone in this game at all. Expect Losman to be scrambling often.

Defensively, don't expect the Bills to stop the beefy rushing tandem of Maroney-Dillon. Expect the tandem to rush for approximately 6.0 yards-per-carry and a good 150 yards plus. Don't expect much pass pressure on Brady and expect Brady to make his second-rate group of receivers look above average.

Look for Watson to have a big day and for the Bills to have absolutely no answers for him because they don't have anyone fast enough, reactive enough, or big and tall enough to be able to effectively cover Watson.

Don't expect the Bills to generate an early defensive score again making it questionable as to whether they'll hit double-digit points on the day as a whole.

Injuries won't matter for the Bills. Injuries only matter when talented players are lost. The Bills have none on the injury list. In fact they have few talented, by NFL standards, players on the team. Injuries will only make a difference in this game insofar as the team's braintrust cannot seem to assess talent having left the depth ranks for the lines, or even for the team generally speaking, looking like the milk shelves in the supermarket after warnings of a blizzard that could shut everyone in for a few days. The starting ranks look like the "scratch and dent" shopping cart at the front of the store.

The Bills have a bye week next week and we'll take a look at some stats on the season contrasted with last season then. The Pats just had a bye week. We'll leave it to you, the educated reader, to determine which will be a bigger factor in this particular game.

Bills 13, Patriots 31

The Bills have scored 17 points three times, 16 once, 20 once, and 7 once. Gee, what's so difficult to baseline here! The Pats are a better team than the average competition they've faced. Barring a special teams or defensive score, the Bills will be fortunate to barely cross into double-digit territory. Alas, the same cannot be said for the Patriots who have scored 19 or more points in four of five games. They should have absolutely no difficulty ramming this Bills team into the bogus "dirt" at the Ralph leaving fans with the urge to go ralph should they still be in the stadium much after halftime.

There is no logical reason why the Bills should or can win this game. A close score in the first game means absolutely nothing. The Pats come off a week of rest to boot.

Belichick knows all too well that he'll need to run. The power duo of Maroney and Dillon should reap huge rewards and knock the Bills' yardage rushing defense down approximately four or five notches from their current 20th ranking. Unlike Minnesota and Miami, Belichick will not abandon the run and likely won't even have his Pats down at all in this game thereby making it even more beneficial for the Pats to run.

The Bills do not have one single linemen that is capable of playing even remotely consistently regarding holding up at the point-of-attack vs. the run. Not one! Not that we predicted that with stunning accuracy after doing our due diligence this offseason or anything.

Pretty soon it will be "No Doze" day at Ralph Wilson stadium every Sunday with the organization locking the gates midway through the 1st quarter in order to prevent sane fans from attempting to salvage their Sunday afternoon time. Of course it can be argued as to how sane they actually are given their presence in the stadium at all.

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