Bills: Calling The Perfect Game

The Buffalo Bills pulled off an improbable win against the resurgent Miami Dolphins last Sunday when they blanked their division rival 21-0. Much of the credit must go to Bills offensive coordinator Steve Fairchild who was able to do what Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels wasn't -- find a way to score. After Miami defeated the Patriots 21-0 the week before, few expected a Bills win.

Offensive coordinator Steve Fairchild called the perfect game for the perfect storm in Sunday's 21-0 win over Miami.

The Bills had 37 run plays and 22 pass plays in a game played in windy, wet conditions at Ralph Wilson Stadium. While running back Willis McGahee (28 attempts, 79 yards, long run of 10 yards) didn't post eye-popping numbers, he was able to keep Miami's tough No. 2-ranked defense honest so that quarterback J.P. Losman could find favorable matchups and strike through the air.

Losman fired touchdown passes of 33, 27 and 21 yards for all the game's scoring. In the second half, McGahee carried the ball 16 times for 46 yards as the Bills protected, then built on, a 14-0 lead. Anthony Thomas chipped in six carries for 16 yards.

"We've stuck with it and Steve's done a nice job of calling it and staying with it," coach Dick Jauron said of the run game. "Our guys kept working at it. Willis is good, too. He's a tough guy. It takes more than one or two (guys) to bring him down normally. So, if you're going to be a successful team, a consistent winner, you have to do it both (ways). You have to be able to run it and you have to be able to throw it. You have to be able to keep them on their heals guessing."

McGahee was just as quick to complement Fairchild's daring passing calls into the wind, two that produced touchdowns.

"It was raining, the wind is blowing, it's a little bit cold," McGahee said. "I thought it was just going to be a run game (all day). I was glad when we started passing; it opened it up a little bit. J.P. has a strong arm, so you know he can throw it through the wind."

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