Henry: "New England wanted to win this game"

To say the Titans' loss was disappointing is an understatement. A win, a little help, and the Titans could have been playing in the postseason. The only problem for them was that their opponent, the New England Patriots, had other ideas. Here are a few quotes from the Titans players after the game.

WR Bobby Wade

(on the hit of Rodney Harrison in the first half)
We were just playing tough football. Rodney [Harrison] is a strong individual. I’ve got to block him in that slot position, but he takes full advantage being able to hit somebody in the face. ... I’ve squared him up, looked him dead in the eye and hit him in his thighs. It was a legal block. I talked to the referee about it and he said it was legal.

(on the intense emotions on the field)
It was a highly emotional game. They came out and played their best players and we put our best out there. A lot was on the line. We were fighting for our lives to have an opportunity to play in the playoffs. They were fighting to try to get a place. It was a tough game.

WR Drew Bennett

(on the emotional game played this afternoon)
They are a good football team. We are a good football team. When you get close games in the mud, guys are going to get emotional.

(on not finishing drives)
It’s part of the game. You’ve got to step back from each drive and figure out what you did wrong and try to put it in the end zone. It’s frustrating looking back at it because we left a lot of points out there, especially getting to the one and not getting anything. What can you do about it now?

RB Travis Henry

(on being stopped in the second half)
New England has a real disciplined defense. They were two gapping us a lot in the second half. When I would make the cut, he would two gap me and make the plays. In the first half, I had a couple of openings and popped through there.

(on today’s loss)
It’s disappointing. We knew we had to come in and take care of our business and not try to worry about which teams had to lose.

(on New England keeping in their starters for most of the game)
New England wanted to win this game. They wanted momentum going into the playoffs. We knew we were going to get their best game. We knew that we had to take care of our business.

FS Lamont Thompson

(on the loss)
Obviously, they were here to win just like we were. It’s frustrating because if would have taken care of our business as we anticipated, everything else would have taken care of itself. We didn’t do our part.

LB Peter Sirmon

(on Titans loss)
We just couldn’t get over the hump and make the plays and get back and control the game. It was just that way today. ... We came a long ways this year. 0-5 is a big hole to climb out of and it showed a lot that this team stuck together, kept playing, and really got ourselves into playoff contention when it really wasn’t thought possible.

DT Albert Haynesworth

(on Titans effort)
It just didn’t have that feeling like the other games. We were looking for bad things to happen to us. We just never really snapped out of it even when Pacman scored. It still didn’t really feel like we were totally in this game or playing this game like we played other games.

LB Keith Bulluck

(on the loss)
It was disappointing because we lost. This is a team we definitely could have beaten. ... We gave them a lot of plays, personal fouls, penalties, blown assignments, and you know a team like that who has won three Super Bowls over the last six or seven years, you can’t really do that. ... We left it out on the table. We do that every game. This game was really no different; it just was the last one and all.

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