'Line needs to be jelled right now'

The Bills' offensive line certainly didn't look stellar in the preseason. But with new starters at four of the five positions, not everything is going to go smoothly. Gregg Williams said the line is approaching things with a sense of urgency. Rookie right tackle Mike Williams echoed those thoughts. Here he talks about it in this Shout! Exclusive.

Q: Mike, how urgent is this sense of urgency?

Mike Williams: The offensive line took it upon themselves to get in the meeting room at 7 a.m. this morning. We started basically getting together and jelling right there. We don't need to jell in the first game. By that point, we need to be jelled …

There are new guys and we haven't played together. We don't need to go out there on the field and say, "OK … OK … I don't know what you're doing … Tell me what you're doing." We need to get that down in the meeting room and know what each other is doing. So we can go out there and win ball games.

Q: How comfortable you on the line at this point?

Williams: How comfortable do I feel? I feel real comfortable. I feel comfortable enough to know that I can go out there and do the job that the coaches entrust me to do.

Q: Will you and right guard Marques Sullivan be able to handle all the stunts and twists that the Jets' front four figure to throw at you this Sunday?

Williams: Oh yeah. We work on that every day … That's a yes.

Q: Linemen describe this comfort zone that they need to have with linemates almost like it's an ESP thing. It's all about verbal and non-verbal communication, isn't it?

Williams: The more and more we get into the meeting room and communicate … You know I can say, "OK, Marques, what are you doing? OK, you got this guy over here. Exactly what you are doing?" Once you start doing that, you start building trust. You don't have to second-guess, "Well, I hope you're doing that." You just get out there and do it, knowing that he's there and you don't have to think about it. The more and more we get in there, the better we feel.

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