Peerless thinking big this season

In this Shout! exclusive, reporter Mike Doser sat down with Peerless Price to talk about his role in the offense this season. Price said by Weeks 3 and 4, he wants the Bills offense to be mention in the same breath as the St. Louis Rams.

Mike Doser: You seem to be more active in the offense with Drew Bledsoe. He said he had supreme confidence in you this preseason. It seems like your role has, if not changed, then increased.

Peerless Price: I think there will be more balls. I don't know about my role changing because my role was already established. But I think there will be more opportunity and more of a sense of urgency to get me the ball, whereas last year a lot of times it was just spoken, but it didn't happen. Now there's going to be more of an effort to get me the ball.

MD: Do you think increasing your productivity is more the result of having an experienced quarterback such as Drew, or more the result of having an experienced offensive coordinator such as Kevin Gilbride?

PP: It's a combination of both. Coach Gilbride can call the plays, but Drew is still pulling the trigger. I think Drew has a lot of trust in me and coach Gilbride does too. As long as I keep playing the way I do and making plays, there should be more opportunities.

MD: You're in your fourth year – the last year of your contract. For receivers, this is often when they really become feared weapons. You did well last year, but I'm sure you're looking to improve on the numbers.

PP: I think, by far, it happened at the right time to go get Drew and then to bring in Coach Gilbride. All the pieces of the puzzle are there for me to have a big year. It's just my job to go out and execute and make plays. That's the easy part – because I went through training camp and the whole spring getting my timing down with Drew, learning the playbook, that was the hard part. Now it's just going out on the field and making plays.

MD: Do you and Eric Moulds feel like you've already meshed with Eric? Is there any more meshing that needs to be done?

PP: Just in-season meshing. Get some games under your belt where you start seeing different schemes. In the preseason, everyone knows that a lot of defenses were vanilla. The starters were only in there for a few series. The longest we played was into the third quarter vs. Indy. It will be good to get in four quarters – when your back's against the wall and you need to come back – or maybe if you're up. You just need to get into the season to really find out what everyone is thinking. And once we do that, we'll be fine. We're already fine now, but in Week 3 or 4, we want to be mentioned in the same breath as the Rams.

MD: Those are high expectations, considering where the team was last year.

PP:Yeah, those are high expectations. But with Drew, Eric, myself, Josh, Charles Johnson, we can accomplish a lot as long as we play together and have fun.

MD: One of the things that has to concern everybody is the inexperience of the offensive line, particularly with four different starters in there as compared to last year. What do you think about that?

PP: I think everybody is jumping the wagon on those guys. In preseason, we were very vanilla. They looked bad at times, but we all do. They're more obvious because they're giving up sacks and getting beat. But I think with Coach Gilbride's game plans, getting everyone together, those guys will be fine. Those guys will be fine. We didn't do much this preseason.

MD: So you don't worry that they won't be able to handle all the different things defenses will throw at them each week?

PP: No. They'll see things and there will be some bad plays. But as a whole, if we get 75 snaps a game, I'm betting that they 90 to 95 percent of the time, they're going to do their job. Those guys up front are very athletic. They're strong. They just got to play together. They really didn't play together in the preseason. Ruben was hurt. Jonas was hurt. Mike Williams was banged up. Once those guys play together for a while, they'll be fine.

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