Q&A with Gregg Williams

In this edition of Williams' Words, Gregg Williams talks about the early portion of the season and some of the things that have helped make his team stronger than last year, including the leadership of veterans such as Drew Bledsoe.


Q: You lost against the Jets, but the team played a lot better than many people expected. Does that give you a hopeful feeling?

Gregg Williams: We need to win. A lot of positive things take place in a ball game. It was an exciting game vs. the Jets. But we always want to win the ball game.

Q: You have a young offensive line. Do you expect more pressure early in the season and, if so, do you accept it?

Williams: From an offensive perspective, we always expect to be pressured. When you expect to be pressured, you're prepared for it and you're ready to go and hopefully make big plays.

Q: Early in the season, there is obviously not much film on an opponent. Can you really do a good job game planning with the limited amount of film?

Williams: Any time you turn the film on, you have to respect what you see. So that's going to play into any game plan you set up. One game doesn't make a season. They still have to do things to their strength to combat our strengths as we will to them.

Q: Do you need your screen passes to be more effective?

Williams: A screen is a big part of our ball game. We will continue to utilize those. It's always been a very good weapon in Kevin Gilbride offenses. We've got some very good people around here to use those things. Travis has worked hard on his ability to be a receiver as a threat out of the backfield. Against the Jets, you saw that he was a pretty versatile player with six receptions and 30-plus carries.

Q: Talk about Travis Henry this season.

Williams: Just like any player who's going from his rookie into his second year, you hope there would be a big step. He's in great physical condition. Probably, if you ask him, the best of his life so far. He made a concentrated effort of spending the entire off-season here, and he's done a phenomenal job of putting in the work so that you can step up and take it to the field during the season. The fact that he's rested is a good things. A lot was made about the number of backs we had in the program during the mini-camps and training camp. And that was designed for him not to take a pounding. Even though he was getting a ton of reps in the practices to keep his timing up, he hasn't taken a beating. He's fresh. And he's stronger than he was last year and I think a step quicker. We saw that in the practices. We had a chance to see it in the ball game in the opener.

Q: Will you use more starters or defensive players on special teams coverage?

Williams: We will take a look at that in-depth as we work on those units day-by-day, yes we will take a look at that.

Q: Drew meets with the offense early on Thursdays and Fridays, just to make sure they're on the same page. Is that the kind of leadership you need from your quarterback?

Williams: Drew isn't the only one. The other 11 veterans that we brought here were identified to be those kinds of players before they were brought here. You'll see all the defensive guys, the special teams guys that were brought in here – Mike Hollis. So not only is the quarterback doing it, but they're all doing that.

Q: Nate Clements did some jawing about looking forward to playing Randy Moss. What do you think about that?

Williams: Maybe we should counsel him to keep his mouth shut. Don't give out any extra incentive. I think Nate is excited about playing some of the top people in the league. We haven't really talked to him about that yet.

Q: At the same time, you want your players to be confident, don't you?

Williams: The big thing is the confidence and you want your corners to be able to play with confidence. They have to be able to do that, especially in this defense. You want all 53 of your guys to play with that type of confidence. The quarterback plays with confidence and you can see how that transfers into our receivers. There's a fine line and production usually speaks louder than words.

Q: What do you think of tight end Cory Geason. He played in short-yardage packages, and he seemed relatively successful.

Williams: The teams that rank up near the top every year are teams that can run the football down there. He adds another dimension. He is very strong at the point of attack. Cory adds that feature. I think our tight ends block pretty well as a group and Cory will help even more in those short-yardage situations because he's a bigger body. We want to run the ball better down there. You don't want to be one-dimensional when you get down there.

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