Reliving the biggest play of the day

Bills' ball, first and 10 from the Minnesota 48, four minutes, 58 seconds remaining in overtime, game tied 39-39.

Drew Bledsoe was in the shotgun with running back Larry Centers to his immediate right. Eric Moulds was split wide right, with Josh Reed wide left and Peerless Price in the slot. Minnesota was in a nickel defense.

Rookie corner Brian Williams lined up as the nickel back on Price. Knowing Williams was inexperienced, Bledsoe and Price pulled some sneaky veteran trickery and took advantage of that. Price scored a 48-yard touchdown off a hook and up pattern and Buffalo won 45-39 over the favored Vikings.

"It was basically improvised. We set it up. We kept running the hook, giving them the signal, and by the time we ran it about five times in a row, (Williams) started calling (out loud for) the hook," Price said with a chuckle. "And so he bit the hook and that's why they called pass interference."

It was the second week in a row, the Bills drew up a clutch play on the spot to take advantage of something they saw in the defense. It was a witty piece of play-calling on Bledsoe and offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride's part. Of course, Bledsoe and Price had to execute it to perfection.

"Drew's good. He's very good. He's the best," Price said. "I played with Peyton Manning (at Tennessee) and they're right up there together, but Drew has a much stronger arm."

More Peerless Price

"They were doubling Eric and they were singling me up in the slot, and singling Josh up on the outside. Eric went to the sideline and told Drew, ‘Just forget about me. Those two guys are hot, keep going to them.' And we finally got it clicking."

"Drew talks about this type of game every day. In practice, he's always got something on his mind. He's always got something on his mind. He's always thinking. He's always improvising. And that's what the situation was today."

"When you were in there with Drew and you're down 40 to zero, you believe we can win. He's always coming to the huddle and saying, ‘OK guys, we got to go down there and get a win.' And that's how it is. Last week and this week, we never thought we were out of it. With Drew in the huddle, the thought of losing never crosses your mind."

"I was in the slot. I had to run a hook. I go up eight yards, turn outside. Drew said, ‘Run a hook and up because he's jumping the hook.' And he bit the hook and tried to grab me."

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