Q&A with Williams

The buzz surrounding Gregg Williams' team early this season is how powerful the offense has been under Drew Bledsoe. Here, Williams talks about the offense as well as some of the highpoints on defense.


Q: Who made the decision to staple Drew Bledsoe's neck cut and allow him to back out there in the Minnesota game?

Gregg Williams: That's Bud Carpenter. Bud does a great job with that. We've got a pretty good operation on the sideline and he has good experience dealing with that kind of injury. It was outstanding. Drew took it and went back out there and didn't flinch. It was good for his teammates to see that their quarterback's bloodied, but not down.

Q: When you travel to a road game, how long does it take to get accustomed to the environment, such as the Denver air?

GW: It's just like anything, adjusting to humidity, cold, whatever factor is out there that you're not used to. There's a small acclimation phase. We've gone in to places three days early, two days early, one day early. And the result has all been about the same. Right now I'm pleased with our conditioning level. We're pretty healthy right now and the way that we've gone about our off-season training programs and our mini-camps and in training camp has been good.

Q: Are you concerned that the balance of your offense is out of whack?

GW: What is good to see is that we've been able to take what they give us while respecting the fact that we've tried to achieve balance as much as possible. The more balanced we are, the better it is, especially for our quarterback. He is able to do a lot of special things and there's many times when you see those short passes that they were actually called runs. Drew will run an audible according to what the defense shows. Drew's been in this league a long time and so has Kevin Gilbride. They can take what's given.

Q: What do you think of Trey Teague?

GW: He's probably playing the most solid of anyone up front right now – from the very first scrimmage up through the last game we played. He's done a very good job of making the calls. He's a very intelligent player. He's got good movement. His teammates have enjoyed playing with him. And he's got good leadership qualities along with that.

Q: Do you think the Minnesota win was a turning point for this franchise moving forward?

GW: Obviously it was nice to see us battle through all the lead changes. But it's too early to tell those types of things. We have a long way to go this season. Each week you got to be refocused. At the end of every week there's a good football team waiting for you.

Q: Do you see any similarities between your line and the Broncos?

GW: We're establishing that same attitude (that they have) – that you have to be able to cut and you have to do it legally and do it by the rules. All good offensive lines are mixing that in. A team like Denver has done well with that. They use more of a power zone scheme as opposed to the finesse cuts.

Q: As a defensive coordinator, how would you defense against your own team?

GW: It's tough.

Q: How will you go about getting the running game more involved?

GW: We're going to continue to attack in whichever ways we need to use to move the football. The fact that we have the ability to do it that way and be an attacking offense, we would hope that in some point in time that we could just be good enough to flat say, "We're going to run it no matter what." Right now, we're not. But we are very good at taking what's being given to us at the time and Kevin's done a very good job at getting that across.

Q: What do you think about your team giving up 76 points in the first two games?

GW: I'm glad you phrased it by saying "team." We've given up those points in every phase of the game. Sure, we don't like giving up that many points. We'll have to win nail-biter close games with fewer points on the board. We've got to get better at defending the end zone. And that comes through every phase: offensive turnovers, special teams and defense.

Q: Chris Watson has been seeing a lot of action as you guys have used more nickel defense in the beginning of the season. What's up with Watson and is it elementary to say that he's been doing well?

GW: He played well against Minnesota and probably didn't get enough attention for how well he played. There were many times he was locked up on Randy Moss with absolutely no help – during the very few times in the ball game that there wasn't help on Moss with Antoine Winfield and Nate Clements, but during those times, Chris did an outstanding job with that. He's got a very serious approach to the ball game. He plays very hard. He's played through some nicks and injuries. Hopefully the more he plays and the more situations he's in, there's more trust involved every time he goes out there. He's done very well. We're fortunate to have three very physical corners in that respect.

Q: Chris, could start on a lot of teams, don't you think?

GW: Possibly. There was a part of the ball game against the Vikings when Nate had a stinger and a quad bruise. He goes out and comes back in and during that time, we were able to put Chris in and he was able to play without missing a beat. That's good flexibility for the defense.

Q: Jonas Jennings, talk about him.

GW: Jonas and the whole offensive line at the end of the ball game vs. Minnesota, they were able to take over the ball game in the fourth quarter and the overtime. The conditioning factor won out. He's getting better every time he steps out there. He's an athletic left tackle who will continue to get better.

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