Reliving the big play of the game

Bills' ball, first and 20 from the Buffalo 24, three minutes, 46 seconds remaining in the first quarter, game tied 0-0. Bills were in an I formation, Larry Centers at fullback, Travis Henry at tailback. They worked out of a rarely seen unbalanced formation with Jonas Jennings lined up on the right side as an extra tackle, next to right tackle Mike Williams. Tight end Dave Moore was lined up next to left guard Ruben Brown. Eric Moulds and Peerless Price were spread to the right side.

The Broncos were in a 4-3.

Bledsoe took the snap and pitched to Travis Henry. Williams was beaten by defensive tackle Montae Reagor who got the intial hit on Henry. Jennings locked up on left defensive end Trevor Pryce. Centers, the lead blocker, tried to take out middle linebacker Al Wilson, but Wilson bounced off the block and nailed Henry with his helmet. Then weakside linebacker Ian Gold came in and hit Henry, knocking the ball loose. Defensive tackle Chester McGlockton saw it, picked it up and ran it in 24 yards for the score and the 7-0 lead.

The formation, designed to overload the right side with heavy Buffalo blockers, was negated by Denver's quick line and fast linebackers. Essentially, all three Broncos linebackers converged on Henry and pummeled him.

Henry left with a left ankle sprain, but returned later in the second quarter.

"I couldn't see it," said Drew Bledsoe. "I was carrying out the boot fake and didn't see it. The bottom line for us offensively is that we've got to be better at starting games. We're digging holes for ourselves and leaving ourselves with problems at the end of games. It's hard to overcome those all the time."

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