Reed: 'I'm really happy here'

Josh Reed has been better than advertised for the Bills. The rookie second-round pick from LSU is contributing to the Buffalo offense and has caught a touchdown in each of the last two games. Mike Doser sat down with Reed in this Shout! exclusive.

Mike Doser: I spoke to you in the preseason and you seemed like a wide-eyed rookie – a little bit tentative probably because you were in new surroundings. Now you seem very comfortable, on and off the field – more outgoing, more like you belong. Is that accurate?

Josh Reed: I'm feeling good in there. I know the offense a whole lot better each week. It's just a matter of getting to a level of feeling comfortable and knowing what I have to do and just getting it done. I think as the weeks go on and being around these guys, it helps build my confidence. That's the biggest thing – my confidence level, being able to go out there and do what I think I can do.

MD: Was there ever a point where it was confirmed to you that you can thrive at this level?

JR: Yeah, draft day.

MD: Nothing after that?

JR: It was really draft day. They had the confidence in me to pick me and give me the chance and I feel like I can't let them down, as if they made a mistake picking me. I give what they want every day. As long as they're happy then I'm happy.

MD: You like the game plans?

JR: I do. The coaches are in there sun up to sun down and that gives the team confidence that they're working hard for us. That makes us work just as hard as they do.

MD: Has the level of hitting and the violence of the game surprised you? You have any bruises on your body?

JR: Yeah, you get a little bruises. But the violence hasn't surprised me. That's something that you expect. The athletes on this level are bigger and better. So you just have to be just as physically prepared as they are.

MD: What's the best thing you like about the Gilbride offense?

JR: You can't really predict what we're going to do next. Defenses have to be ready for whatever comes.

MD: Are you playing as much slot receiver as was talked about in the off-season when the offense goes to three wides?

JR: I don't know. I think Peerless is a little more comfortable in there. And he knows it better than I do. They're putting us in the right spots – where they feel we can do the job.

MD: Have you been in the slot as much as you thought you were going to be.

JR: I have been in there some.

MD: What do they call the slot receiver in this offense?

JR: Sometimes in one of the formations, the slot receiver is the Z-receiver (off of the line of scrimmage), which Peerless and myself play. With two backs, three wides and no tight end, the slot man become the Y-receiver.

MD: Eric Moulds would be the X-receiver?

JR: Yes. He's on the backside, opposite the side the tight end lines up on.

MD: Overall, how do you like Buffalo so far?

JR: I love it here. I'm fitting in. I'm really happy here.

MD: Have you been able to go out and check things out?

JR: Yeah, we've been checking things out a little bit. We've had our fun.

MD: You hanging out with vets and rookies?

JR: Yeah, we all hang out together.

MD: How's the closeness, team-wise?

JR: It's like brotherhood in here, man. It's one big family. Everybody's looking out for each other. It's a real good place to be.

MD: How does this compare to college?

JR: Well in college you're together with your team more. You go to classes every day. You go to practice and then after practice you live with your teammates. So you're together all the time.

MD: At the same time, the Bills are a relatively young team – a lot of second-, third-year players. This is sort of a college atmosphere, almost, inside this locker room.

JR: A little bit. But it's more professional. There are a whole lot of married guys here right now. They spend most of their time with their families. But they hang out. We still do things together and stick together. It's a different thing than in college.

MD: But you're still having fun?

JR: Yeah, same thing. Same kind of camaraderie.

MD: What's the most fun thing you've done while here?

JR: The rookies have to make a lot of appearances as far as community service.

MD: Isn't that work? You can't tell me that's fun. Really, you're having fun?

JR: We make it fun. We go there, we do some good things, we give back to the community. But all the rookies are together so we make it a fun thing: joking around, stuff like that.

MD: Away from Bills' sponsored activities, are you having a good time?

JR: Oh yeah. I just got a place. It's something to call my own. I can walk around naked.

MD: You bought a house?

JR: No, I rent, but it's a nice place.

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