Bledsoe continues to work on footwork

Everyone knows Drew Bledsoe has mobility limitations. No one will ever confuse him for Michael Vick or Donovan McNabb. But Bledsoe has focused on increasing the limited mobility that he has, just to offer him an escape when a play calls for it.

Several times against Denver, the Bills' veteran quarterback would slide and sidestep a defensive rush to get a pass off.

"It's something that I have focused on over the years as far as being able to slide around the pocket a little bit," Bledsoe said. "If I can make one guy miss that comes free than a lot of times I'll have the opportunity to get rid of the ball. That's something I continue to work on"

Bledsoe said the past few years he has concentrated on agility drills to make his footwork faster. Things such as jumping rope. Then during practice, he makes a concerted effort to use those techniques when he's playing so that they become second nature and natural.

"The thing I have to continue to work on though is being accurate when I'm moving," said Bledsoe. "There were a couple of throws in the Denver game that were poor throws where I was moving just a little bit and I have to be able to hit those."

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