'Waiting for the floodgates to open'

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PEOPLE ASK ME when are the interception floodgates going to open for Nate and me. You know what? I have no idea. We go out each week trying to get them, but it seems like they don't come. And then I'm watching TV, watching the Monday night game, Tampa Bay vs. St. Louis, and Bucs corner Brian Kelly gets a ball thrown right to him by Kurt Warner. Well, we never get those opportunities. It's incredible.

Talking about the Bucs, I really admire that defensive front. Those guys get after the quarterback. They would rush just three to four guys and they would get sacks on Warner. Now that's a defensive back's dream because it means most of the time, the quarterback is going to be hurrying his throws and the potential for interceptions grows.

One of the things I wish the NFL would do is allow a little more contact between the defensive back and the receiver. It's getting ridiculous. It's really tough to match up and guard a receiver one-on-one in this league – no matter who it is. We pass up our opportunities to do things because if we touch a guy after five yards, it's a flag – automatic. It's really tough on a defensive back right now. We saw that in the Denver game. Even I had an illegal contact penalty.

It's especially tough covering a receiver on a deep ball and we try to put our hands on the receiver to feel where he's at while our heads are turned toward the ball. The refs are going to throw a flag if the receiver doesn't catch it or it looks like we impeded his progress somehow.

But we all know it's all about touchdowns in the NFL. The league just wants points on the board.

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