Moore injury could hurt special teams

The impact of Dave Moore's broken hand should be greater on the Bills' special teams than on their offense, regardless of whether he can play at Houston Sunday.



With a broken left hand, Moore can't snap for punts. Though the Bills brought in a long-snapping candidate Tuesday, Gregg Williams said Jay Riemersma was going into Wednesday's practice as the long snapper. "Trey (Teague) and Billy (Conaty) will get some work."


We have seen problems with long snapping going back to last season, but Moore and punter Brian Moorman seemed to be working together well before the injury. None of the three Bills who could replace Moore has been a regular snapper for punts in the NFL. Expect the Texans, knowing Buffalo's overall special-teams problems this season, to pressure the snapper and also to attempt to block some of Moorman's punts.


Moore has become a bigger part of the offense the last two weeks, with a short touchdown catch in each game and a total of seven catches for 64 yards. But Riemersma or even third tight end Cory Geason, who hasn't caught a pass yet for Buffalo, can adequately fill that role.


Even though Moore is listed as questionable on the injury report, he could play Sunday. Though he couldn't snap, he could be able to catch a pass even if he's wearing a cast. As for blocking, we know that any little kid who has ever had his arm in a cast quickly learns how to use it as a club.

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