Winfield: Time to take some chances

Mike Doser sat down with Antoine Winfield to get to the bottom of the interception drought.

Mike Doser: Do you think you guys are playing aggressive enough to get interceptions?

Antoine Winfield: I don't really see what we can do differently. We're out there on an island. It's hard enough to play one on one, but then you got receivers using so many double moves and then we're getting PIs (pass interferences), I don't know. I'm just tired of everybody saying, ‘Be patient.' (Crap).

MD: Who's saying that? Coaches?

AW: Everybody's saying that. People I talk to: ‘Be patient … be disciplined … Interceptions will come.' Well, this is time, (crap), we gotta take some chances.

MD: You're right, particularly since the defense has been giving up touchdowns anyway. So it's time to do that. You say everybody has been bugging you about interceptions?

AW: Everybody: coaches, players, friends.

MD: Well, friends, family, media, I wouldn't worry about. Friends, specifically.

AW: Yeah, I know, friends. They don't really know too much about the game anyway.

MD: I'd worry more about the people who pay your salary or can decide whether to pay your salary.

AW: Right, right. Well, what they're doing this week, we're going to play a lot more zone because Houston likes to throw the deep ball a lot. So we'll be able to play deep and look at the quarterback. It will be the corners on the outside in three-deep coverage. They throw a lot of go (routes). So we'll be deep, able to see the quarterback and try to make a play on the ball.

MD: That's good, maybe this will be your chance.

AW:  Hopefully. We'll be deep, get to see the quarterback, get to see the ball through. Usually, we're in man coverage, we're so locked in on the receiver, when the ball's in the air, we're chasing him. It's kind of hard to make a play on the ball. The only thing about zone coverage, is that we're really not going to be able to jump routes.

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