'Been down this road before'

Here's an excerpt from Steve Tasker's upcoming column in Shout! on newstands Oct. 14-15. Tasker talks about the discrepancy between the Bills' offense and defense, and how the team went through a similar situation in 1989.

THIS REMINDS ME of 1989, except the roles are reversed. Our defense was playing very well and our offense was having trouble scoring points early on. It seems crazy now, but that's what happened.

We didn't handle the situation very well. That was the beginning of the "Bickering Bills." We were unable to handle the fact that the offense wasn't scoring points and the defense was playing well, getting turnovers and setting the offense up with field position. That caused real problems.

To compound that, it wasn't a good thing for some players to go on talk shows and go to the media and blame other players.

Today it's much more accepted among teammates that players won't say anything bad publicly like we did back in 1989. Today's players have seen guys before them go through this so they know how to act. After all, the media has been involved in so much for so long that there's an understanding that players will handle these kinds of situations in a certain way, away from the public eye.

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