Reliving Price's game-winning TD

Bills' ball, third and 6 from the Houston 26, four minutes, 2 seconds remaining in the game, game tied at 24.

Drew Bledsoe was in the shotgun. Larry Centers a few steps to his right, with Peerless Price in the slot to Bledsoe's left, Eric Moulds wide left and Josh Reed wide right. Jay Riemersma was on the right side next to tackle Marcus Price, who was filling in for injured rookie Mike Williams.

The Texans were in their nickel defense with cornerback Kenny Wright covering Peerless Price.

Bledsoe took the snap and saw Wright coming on a blitz. Moulds ran a post pattern and Price, seeing that Wright was heading toward Bledsoe, ran a short out, knowing that the safety would take a couple of seconds to get on him. When ex-Bill Matt Stephens arrived, Price had the ball, quickly pivoted inside, which threw Stevens off him and he was clear for the 26-yard touchdown down the left sideline. The Bills had their first lead of the game, which just so happened to be the game-winning score.

"It wasn't designed for me, but you never know when it's coming to you so I think we all did a great job of running our routes even though we we're not the first read. So that's what I did. They blitzed and Drew threw a great ball to me and I was one on one with [free safety] Matt Stevens and I told the guys before, ‘If I don't make him miss, I don't think Drew is going to come to me very often.'"

Bledsoe said, "I told Peerless, ‘Listen, they're trying to take you (and Eric Moulds) away, but I'm going to need you at some point. And they hung in there for me and made plays when they really counted."

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