Bills post-game quotebook

Gregg Williams on the Bills' defense: "We really came out and played suffocating for most of the second half. There were only 34, 35 yards gained in the second half until their last drive. And then we had chances and they made some very good plays."

Williams on David Carr: "Those chances where he scrambled we had covered the receivers pretty good. We had chances for coverage sacks, but we couldn't get him down. He's stronger in the pocket than I first thought. He broke several tackles where earlier in the year he was going down in the pocket. He fought threw it and made some gains out of it today."

Williams on Marcus Price, who filled in for right tackle Mike Williams: "A person who battled through and played very well today was Marcus Price. We didn't have any letdown at all when he was in there. Marcus Price played very well today."

Travis Henry, who had a career-high 159 yards rushing: "We knew that we could run the ball on them because they were in a lot of cover-2. And the offensive line did a great job."

Henry on his fourth quarter fumble, his fifth in six games: "I was just going forward and I tried to stretch the ball out for some extra yards and the defender came up form behind me and popped the ball out. I wanted to come back out and redeem myself. The line – everybody – was telling me to keep my head up. I knew if I got another chance I was going to make a big play."

Henry on the Bills' offense: "We've been in tough games all year. Not one time did we think we were out of a football game."

Chris Watson on being benched temporarily: "I let him know that I was ready to go back in. I converted my technique to a technique I was pretty much very confident in."

Watson on his tough times: "This game helped a lot. It took me to another level as far as being a professional ball player. You have to battle adversity and come back from adversity. You have to keep on playing and good things will happen."

Watson on what Jerry Gray told the defense: "He said, ‘You just came out a little flat.' Personally, I did. Jerry said, ‘Hey, things like that happen, you just have to bounce back from them.'"

London Fletcher on the defense playing well in the second half: "Guys get motivated in different ways. We've had the yelling (matches), we've had the arguments, the cussing each other out. We've had that throughout the season. I think finally the light went on today. I guess it takes some people longer to get motivated."

Fletcher on Watson: "I told Chris that we needed him. Nobody's perfect out here. I make mistakes. Everybody makes mistakes out here. Drew makes mistakes. We all make mistakes. And I just let him know that I still have confidence in him that we needed him for the rest of this ball game and the rest of the season. In the second half he really stepped up his game and made some key plays toward the end."

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