Price talks about Foreman taunting penalty

The Bills have Peerless Price to thank for getting under ex-Bill and current Houston Texan Jay Foreman's skin, especially on the third and one play in which Foreman got in Price's face and was called for taunting following an incomplete pass. That gave Buffalo, down 24-17, a first down and the Bills proceeded to drive for the game-tying score.

Price said: "Me and Jay had been talking all game. It was just us out there having fun. There was nothing like showboating or him jumping on me, ready to fight. It was just me and him laughing. [Early in the game] Jay Riemersma caught a ball on him. I told (Jay Foreman), ‘It was going to be like that all day.' Then he knocked the ball out of Jay's hands or something and he came to me, tapped me on my butt and said, ‘No, he ain't gonna be able to do that on me. Tell Drew don't come that way no more.' It was just fun, though. [On that third and one play] The referee just saw him jump in my face. I think that's what got [him the penalty] because I was getting up and he almost knocked me over. [But] Jay's not a trash-talking player. Not at all."

Price and Foreman were drafted by the Bills in 1999: Price, in the second round and Foreman in the fifth. Usually a team's draft class is close, particularly if they played a few seasons together as Price and Foreman did. Price said he's friends with Foreman and the taunting penalty was simply a case of the referee overreacting.

Of course, Price is happy the penalty happened because it ultimately played a big role in the team winning the game, and him scoring the game-winning touchdown.

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