Price's agent on contract negotiation

We're working on a big piece about Peerless Price in the Oct. 27 issue of Shout! Call 1-800-93-4557 to get a copy. I talked to Price's agent, Timothy McGee, last night to see what he thought of the situation and where Price stands as an unrestricted free agent when the season ends. Here's what he said.


"Currently we're talking. We anticipate the Bills trying to sign him. We know these things take time. We think David Boston, if he doesn't sign an extension with the Cardinals, will get the franchise tag. I'm not going to (publicly) talk about numbers, but I think Peerless' statistics and talent and production are second to none. This, year 4, is the key developmental year for any wide receiver; the year when the word ‘potential' is eliminated. Based on production, we believe Peerless should be one of the highest paid players at his position."

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