Reliving Clements' game-winning score

Dolphins' ball, third and 9 from the Miami 21, two minutes, 33 seconds remaining in the second quarter, game tied at 10.

Dolphins quarterback Ray Lucas was in the shotgun with the Bills in their nickel defense. Lucas took the snap. Right end Aaron Schobel went outside on Dolphins left tackle and ex-Bill Marcus Spriggs and got some penetration, forcing Lucas up into the pocket. Schobel slipped away from Spriggs and was able to hit Lucas as he was throwing to tight end Randy McMichael.

The contact threw off the trajectory of the ball and Nate Clements, covering McMichael, caught the pass and went down the right sideline unimpeded for the touchdown, giving Buffalo its game-winning score and an insurmountable 17-10 lead.

"He was open early," said Lucas. "I was going to run it. I stopped myself from running it, then I threw it. As soon as I let it go, I knew he was going to pick it. He sat on it and I got hit in the mouth. I wish he'd twisted my head around. I deserved to get hit in the mouth on that play. I'm laying on my back and I see him running. There was no one out there but [Marcus] Spriggs and someone clipped him. I should have just ran it when I was going to run it. I thought too much."

"We wanted to make sure that Nate was around the ball," Gregg Williams said. "He hasn't had very many chances the last few weeks. And the fact that they did throw at him was good. It will be tough for him to get that many balls for a few weeks now because he made that many plays. People will maybe shy away from him. That was part of the plan and I was real proud with how he played."

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