Williams' Words

Gregg Williams comments on the Lions, Dolphins and how his team is playing...

On the team's 4-3 record: "It's a good start. We wish it would be better. But it's a good start."

On the offensive line: "We go as they go. We thought our offensive line would be much improved this year and they are. All those guys have played very well."

On whether the line's development came faster than expected: "We would hope it would be that way. We would hope that it would come quicker. Trey Teague has played well, all of them have. They have come into their own as a unit. We got a tough challenge this week. The Lions' defensive line is strong. We got our work cut out for us."

On Pat Williams: "He's taken some steps. His technique has improved. His playing in this defense has improved. And he's stayed healthy. He's in good condition. He's playing with attitude. He has to play with attitude. It's contagious. Guys playing next to him have been playing well too."

On the packages that took Coy Wire out of the lineup and put Billy Jenkins in vs. Miami: "We play a lot of packages. Want to keep everybody as fresh as possible. We felt that in the last couple of weeks that Billy can fit in there and play well and he does in that linebacker role. Our strong safeties play like crash test dummies and he did well."

On Billy Jenkins' not playing as much this year: "When you're able to fulfill whatever your role, and not be selfish about what it, it's strong for his character. But as a defense we needed to step up and Billy was a part of that."

On Joey Harrington: "He's playing well … With young quarterbacks you can confuse their pre-snap reads, but the bottom line is that you have to stop their offense. We got to go in there thinking about the Lions offense as opposed to just the quarterback himself."

On the Lions: "The last four games, they've been playing well … You can see the effort when you turn the tape on. The Lions could very easily have the same record or a better record than us. They're a football team on the rise."

On having a season-low penalty number vs. Miami and whether guys are starting to simply play their assignments: "I wish it could be that simple. That was a slugfest last week and they just let us play."

On the offensive red zone production: "We've done a good job moving the ball around with the playmakers. A big part is our ability to run the football in the red zone. Plus, we have an improved offensive line."

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