Catching up with Drew

Bledsoe give his views on the issues surrounding his team.

On Eric Moulds and Peerless Price: "We feel like we're going to win the one-on-one matchups if defenses match up in single coverage with Eric Moulds and Peerless Price."

On offensive balance: "We're prepared to do whatever we need to do to win a ball game."

On Gregg Williams: "His messages to the team have been right on. He pays attention to weekly detail and his preparation has been outstanding. He's allowing us to get our work done and get done what we need to do. That's allowing us to be fresh and aside from few nicks, we've been relatively injury free."

"I think he's said that he wanted to make a strong first impression when he got here. He did that. But the way he's approached this year has been outstanding. He makes sure we're prepared and he allows us to get work done. And it's worked. We just played two weeks in warm climates and we were fine. That's a tribute to him and his preparation."

On losing focus: "The thing that we have to be careful about is feeling like we're better than we are. Confidence is not a reflection of what we done, but what we can do."

"We can't just sustain what we've done, we've got to go forward. Number one, the competition is going to pick up. Number two, we're not going to sneak up on anybody. We can't be satisfied to maintain level that we're at."

On what opponents are starting to think about the Bills: "The perception is that we're a team that opponents have to look out for."

On Buffalo: "It's a small town community. They welcome you into the community. Life is a little simpler."

"In Boston we had to be a little more selective on where we went. People are friendly here and say hello, but they pretty much leave you alone and that's been great."

On the offensive line: "This offensive line is becoming a dominant group. They're doing a great job in pass protection."

On whether one player can make a difference: "In football, if you only say that one player is making a difference, that's vastly oversimplifying it. It's not like basketball where one player can make a difference."

On Lions quarterback Joey Harrington: "His two younger brothers were altar boys in my wedding. They went to the church in Portland, Ore. that my wife's family went to and there was a connection with the priest who married us."

On the offensive game plan: "We need to come out and start fast. Fans are going to be going nuts for this game. The Lions look like they got a little something going. Good challenge for us. Secondary has some experience. Linebackers are solid. They did blitz us effectively in the preseason. They've kind of gotten away from that."

On the home field: "You have to take advantage of your home field. You got to defend the home field. You've got to play your best football when we're at home."

On the beards that the offense is growing: "Trey Teague started growing the beard. Ruben Brown thought everybody should grow them. My wife's not a big fan."

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