Shout! Chat with Pat Williams transcript

Pat Williams was in the Shout! chat room for an hour Monday night, talking to Bills fans about everything from the upcoming game with the Patriots to his true feelings about Rob Johnson. Here's what he had to say.

(spudz) Been stuffing a lot of good running backs this month

(PatWilliams) Yeah, we've turned the corner. Everybody's on the same page.

(PatWilliams) Everybody's been thinking we had a bad defense at first and we couldn't stop the run, so I figured I had to step my game up, so when I play hard everybody feeds off my energy.

(thisiskeith12) Hey Pat, can you comment about the importance of this week's game against New England and how the team is preparing for the Patriots.

(PatWilliams) It's important for us to win this game to go into the bye week 6-3. It will be halfway through the season and we'll be right where we want to be.

(PatWilliams) We're shooting for a 6-2 record in the second half, but really we'd like to be 8-0.

(PatWilliams) We owe the Patriots because they beat us twice last year so we're excited to go into the game with a super game plan.

(spudz) With the new alignment only giving out two wild-card berths instead of three, how much more important are the division games?

(PatWilliams) The division games are more important because you have to be at the top of the division to get into the playoffs. If you don't you'll be left out.

(sds) pat - does the defense believe in the 46?

(PatWilliams) We use the 46 on short yardage. But we can stop the run in regular 4-3 defense. I like the 46 because I'm head up with the center and I get to blow him back.

(Brianbillsrock) How is your old high school doing as I remember this off-season you helped pay for the team's uniforms.

(PatWilliams) My high school, they're even. They're 6-4 and they're very young so they're not doing too good right now.

(PWilliams93) Pat, can I score some tickets to a game because my name in here is so nice

(PatWilliams) We get two free tickets and that's for the family. Sorry.

(PWilliams93) it's all good, but as a bills fan, I do feel like we're brothers haha

(BillN) Pat-how would you say the young guys on the DL are coming along?

(PatWilliams) The young guys are coming along pretty good. They started off kind of slow and they just watch how I study and they feed off me. And I get them going. They're doing a lot better.

(PatWilliams) Ron Edwards is doing a whole lot  better than last year. He's learning a lot. He's stepping up. He's doing a good job for us now.

(Brianbillsrock) FYI Everyone Chris Brown reports that Tyrone Robertson has been placed on the non-football illness list.

(PatWilliams) I haven't heard anything at all about Tyrone Robertson.

(thisiskeith12) Pat, who on the team would you say is a workout warrior, or always in the gym and in the best physical shape?

(PatWilliams) Eric Moulds. He's in there all the time. Treadmill and lifting weights. Defensive guys, I can say rookie Grant Irons.

(PatWilliams) I stay all off-season so I work out pretty hard with Rusty Jones, our trainer.

(PatWilliams) I work out during the season on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

(PatWilliams) We don't work out as hard during the season because we get beat up so bad on Sunday. During the week we do light workouts instead of real workouts just to cool the muscles off because you're real sore.

(thisiskeith12) Do you have any tips on foods I need to go after to gain weight?

(PatWilliams) They haven't given me any food to gain weight; I'm losing weight right now.

(PatWilliams) They want me to weigh 317. I feel comfortable at 305 where I'm at now. I can run around better.

(spudz) You had good chemistry with Ted Washington. How long does it take to build that kind of working relationship with a new line?

(PatWilliams) If you have a new line, I say it takes about three years to get completely comfortable with each other ...

(PatWilliams) Next year I think the line will be among the elite in the NFL. I would put our D-line at the top next year.

(PWilliams93) do u think that mike williams and antoine winfield are going to be ready for the game Sunday?

(PatWilliams) I don't know about Williams and Winfield. They get treatment on Monday so I really can't say whether they'll be ready or not. I know I'll be ready for Sunday LOL!

(PWilliams93) heck yeah!

(PWilliams93) I assume Drew will be ready as well

(PWilliams93) not that he's been looking forward to this game or anything

(Brianbillsrock) Pat With you and Ron Edwards both going to Texas A&M do you have a special bond with him that you don't think would have if you'd two gone to different schools?

(PatWilliams) I think Ron and I have a bond since we came from the same school. And being coached by the same coach down there, Bill Johnson, we've got a bond. Bills is now in Atlanta with Wade.

(jmarx) Pat could you talk about the progress of Justin Bannan, what are his strengths/weaknesses?

(PatWilliams) Justin's progress is good. He's a hard worker. He's learning everything real good. He needs to stay focused more. He needs to concentrate on his specific assignment and what he has to do.

(thisiskeith12) Pat, can you tell us first hand what Drew's presence has added in the locker room?

(PatWilliams) Drew makes everyone feel comfortable around him. He knows how to win so all the guys are happy to have him here. He's a winner. I watched Rob Johnson on DirecTV Sunday. He was doing the same things that he did here. So I'm happy we got Drew.

(thisiskeith12) You tell 'em Pat!

(jmarx) What has London Fletcher added to the defense this year? Do you shoulder the responsibility of tying up blockers so he can make plays?

(PatWilliams) Me and Fletcher talk a lot. He tells me if I can make the play, make the play. If not, tie the linemen up and he got my back.

(PatWilliams) Our defense is different than Miami's (in terms of me tying up blockers for the middle linebacker). It's an attack defense so everybody has to attack a gap. The tackles don't do as much tying up linemen.

(Brianbillsrock) What are your thoughts on John Levra's retirement after this season?

(PatWilliams) Levra is going to be a loss to us because he's a great coach and he make guys work real hard because he use to coaching a lot of veterans. He know what he's doing.

(PatWilliams) O'Neal Gilbert will probably take his place. He's a good coach too.

(PWilliams93) What do you think has caused the Patriots to be in this 4 game slump?

(PatWilliams) I think everybody has figured out what they're trying to do, so everyone is copying the team's that have been successful against them -- they're copying their game plan. They watch the film.

(PatWilliams) The key is stopping Troy Brown. He's Brady's go-to guy.

(PatWilliams) Brady was rushing everything against Denver because they were getting good pressure on him.

(jmarx) What kind of adjustments have you had to make in moving from the 3-4 defense to the 4-3

(PatWilliams) The 3-4 defense was a read defense and I had to change my style to an attacking style. That was the difference.

(thisiskeith12) Pat, did y'all have practice today?

(PatWilliams) We didn't have practice. We studied game film. And then we corrected the mistakes we made. Then we started breaking down the Patriots. It's an all-film day.

(spudz) I know you can only afford to concentrate on one game at a time, but are there certain centers or guards that you look forward to, or would like to, face off against?

(PatWilliams) I like going against the Jets' Kevin Mawae. He's about the only one I really want to focus on. He's an all-pro.

(PatWilliams) Mawae likes to be dirty every now and then.

(PWilliams93) how big of an addition was Chidi Ahanotu for the D

(PatWilliams) Chidi just added another veteran on the line. He helps the young guys.

(thisiskeith12) Pat, be honest, would you like to sack Rob Johnson in a real game?

(PatWilliams) I would like to run through Rob. I didn't like the way Rob left because he talked about our defense and he had nothing to do with our defense. I just wanted to know why he did that. Flutie was our quarterback. I liked Flutie better than Johnson anyway. Rob wasn't a winner and Flutie was.

(PatWilliams) Flutie was a good friend of mine when he was here. I still go to his golf tournaments. I just play golf for fun. I don't take it serious. I like bowling better.

(spudz) Was the Johnson-Flutie thing as much a distraction as we heard it was?

(PatWilliams) It was a big distraction. The team just wanted one main guy. I would get questions about the QB and I would say, "I don't know I just play defense."

(thisiskeith12) Great way to handle it PW!

(BillsWin) Pat how excited is the team to be playing such a big game this sunday against new england ?

(PatWilliams) This is a huge game. We want to win more. We ain't satisfied right now.

(y2mjm) Pat, what were your feelings when Sam Cowart left to the damn Jets, and has L. Fletcher filled in his place

(PatWilliams) Sam had to do what he had to do. London came in and took up where Sam left off. There's really no drop from Sam leaving.

(PatWilliams) They're two different kind of guys. Sam is laid back but London is very emotional.

(PatWilliams) I don't think Sam is 100 percent. But he played pretty good yesterday. He had 10 tackles.  I don't talk to Sam much.

(spudz) And to add to the question about this weekend's game: are the guys getting a little more fired up  for it on Drew's behalf??

(PatWilliams) We aint fired up because of Drew. We're fired up because they beat us twice last year. I think Drew will obviously be fired up because they traded him. I think Drew is a much better quarterback than Brady.

(thisiskeith12) Me too Pat!

(BillsWin) Is the Bledsoe vs brady any real factor in the game or just hype

(PatWilliams) Bledsoe vs. Brady is just hype. But everyone is saying that we got two of the top receivers in the NFL, one of the best offenses, so I think everybody will want to see us live. The hype will have everyone tuning in.

(thisiskeith12) Pat, is there anyway we can slap some of that sticky stuff on Travis Henry like they used in the movie "The Replacements"?

(PatWilliams) I don't know, LOL, I didn't see "The Replacements."

(PWilliams93) Pat, honestly, I have seen you dance, and you got some good moves, could you give me some lessons in the off-season?

(PatWilliams) Yeah I can show you my moves. I don't have names for my moves. It's just laid back. When Ted was here we used to do a lot of crazy stuff. I don't like celebrating. I don't dance too much.

(PatWilliams) I figure that if I make the play, that's enough notice right there.

(PWilliams93) nice, do me a favor, if you sack Frat boy brady on sunday, shake a shimmy for me?

(spudz) Pat, tell us the truth. When the ball bounced through two sets of hands and into Hakim's for a touchdown, and then Hakim started strutting and dancing in the end zone, didn't you just want to just go up and slap him?

(PatWilliams) I wasn't worried about the Hakim touchdown because it was lucky. I just told the guys to calm down; we're alright.

(y2mjm) Pat, who is the best OL that you have battled with

(PatWilliams) Mawae is a good center. But I don't think one guy can block me. These last couple of weeks I've seen more double teams.

(PatWilliams) Ain't no tandem that can block me either. Everybody has to think this way, because if you don't, you get blocked. Ain't cocky or nothing, just the way you have to think to be successful.

(PatWilliams) Anything else?

(BillsWin) good luck sunday and kick some butt 6 and 3 sounds outstanding going into the bye

(PatWilliams) Thank you for saying that because that's our plan going into the bye week: 6-3.

(BillN) give us a overall prediction for the season Pat

(PatWilliams) We've planned the whole season out in four quarters. We'd like to go 8-0 in the second half, but we hope at worst to be 3-1 in the next two quarters of the season.

(SACKMARINO) Pat, is the Sheraton by 4-point a sweet hotel?

(PatWilliams) Sheraton is an average hotel. I've stayed in better.

(thisiskeith12) Hey Pat, what game are you looking forward to the most and do you think we have a legitimate shot at the Super Bowl?

(PatWilliams) I think we do have a shot at the SB. But I think if everyone keeps getting better we have a good shot at it. We're not at our peak yet. We have a ways to go.

(PatWilliams) Thanks for my fans for chatting and asking questions. We'll see you on Sunday.

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