'I hope I can keep my emotions in check'

"From the time this trade happened I've been getting questions about the game... I think I would be insulting my teammates if I said they were going to give a better effort this week. I think I would be disparaging them."

Q: How do you prepare to go against Bill Belichick's defense?


Bledsoe: The biggest thing that he does with his defenses is that he changes up week to week. He'll do two completely different things against the same team in the same year. You never know what you're going to face. I guess he'll mix it up and press us some.


Q: What's your relationship with Tom Brady?


Bledsoe: Tom and I are friends. Last year was a difficult situation on a personal level, mostly because he had something I wanted and I couldn't get it back.

They are across the board players of high character. I know they're not used to losing. I know Tom along with those guys will do everything they can to bounce back.


Q: How do you control your emotions in a game like this?


Bledsoe: I went through a situation in New England when Bill Parcells left that myself and a lot of players got so fired up that we couldn't play well. We learned from that. I hope I can keep my emotions in check.


Q: When did you first realize what a big game this is?


Bledsoe: From the time this trade happened I've been getting questions about that game. It's an important game because it has implications in the division race. I think I would be insulting my teammates if I said they were going to give a better effort this week. I think I would be disparaging them


Q: Why are the Patriots having so much trouble in the red zone?


Bledsoe: Guys are making spectacular plays against them. The teams that are scoring a lot of points against them are teams that are scoring a lot against everybody.

They don't make it easy on you. They're a very talented defense. In order to score against them, we're going to have to make great individual plays.


Q: Is this the best situation you could have been in?


Bledsoe: I feel like I'm in a very good situation, and I'm happy to be where I am. I can't look at the league and say there would be a team that would be a better fit.


Q: Have you ever been in a situation with this much hoopla?


Bledsoe: I've been in some big games before. We went through the whole circus in New England when he left and he came back. The thing that makes it important is because we're fighting in a division battle. Because this team has implications, that makes it exciting.


Q: You know their defense, but they know you as the quarterback. Who has the advantage in that situation?


Bledsoe: I'll tell you after the game who has the advantage. As far as knowing their scheme, it's going to change. Last year when I was backing up, I threw against the scout team and it changed dramatically every week. I do know their players, what they're good at it, what they're not good at.


Q: Were you surprised that you were traded within the division?


Bledsoe: When draft cay came around and they were trying to do a deal, the Bills were the team that was most motivated. They were trying to avert what was going to be a difficult situation.


Q: Is Eric Moulds the best receiver you've ever played with?


Bledsoe: I might be disrespecting Peerless (Price) to say that because they're both at the top of their games. Eric is the most explosive and strongest receiver I've ever thrown to. I will say I have complete trust in Eric. I will throw a ball into coverage knowing that he can catch. Case in point would be the last real play against the Lions.


Q: At what point last year did you realize that you wouldn't be back with the Patriots?


Bledsoe: I think it was kind of a gradual realization throughout the season that as long as Tom was the quarterback, the less chance that I was going to be there. Whether you're talking about the team, the organization or the area, everything has worked out great. I felt it was going to be a hard situation if I was coming back.


Q: Are there differences in the way the Patriots are playing on offense this year?


Bledsoe: Last year we relied so heavily on Troy Brown. We would just feed him the ball all day, every day. This year it looks as if the Patriots have a few more weapons. They're a wide-open offense; they're spreading it out.


Q: How difficult is it when you're in a situation like they are, where they have lost four games in a row?


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