Henry focused on stopping fumbleitis

Travis Henry has shown flashes of being a dominant back in his second year. But one thing he knows he must stop is fumbling. He has six fumbles through nine games, which is something that astounds him. The good news is that he didn't fumble against the Patriots.

"This is the first time in my career ever going through something like this and I think it's a part of my running style," Henry said. "I'm always running to break tackles and make something happen and sometimes I get caught trying to make too much happen on a particular play. Sometimes I get hit awkward; two or three guys are around me and I'm trying to fight for extra yards and they're trying to strip the ball from me. I've never had problems with holding onto the ball. Now it's everybody in the NFL is trying to get it from me. It's going to take me four or five games of not fumbling where people won't be reaching for it all the time. Because that's the first thing they're trying to do. They're trying to take it away because I've been having it taken away from me in these ball games. I think it's my running style."

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