Hardy allegedly pulls gun on father

This isn't what Dick Jauron wanted to hear. Buffalo's second round pick, James Hardy, reportedly pulled a gun on his father in Indiana, a report said Sunday. Read on for the details...

This sure isn't the way to make a good first impression.

Buffalo wide receiver James Hardy reportedly pulled a gun on his father during a dispute at their Indiana home, according to The Journal Gazette.

Hardy has a permit to carry a gun (through 2011) and no charges have been filed.

Police were called to their home just before 1:30 p.m. Sunday by a woman who claimed a man and his father were fighting in her backyard. Police Chief Rusty York verified that the younger Hardy was indeed the Bills' second-round pick in April's draft. However, since the father had no visible injuries, the police saw no reason to pursue the case further.

The woman reportedly yelled at the father and son to stop yelling, and that's when Hardy pulled out his black gun.

Afterward, Hardy's father said the two's relationship was fine and that his son didn't do anything wrong.

As far as punishment from the league goes, no penalties will probably be levied. The NFL's Personal Conduct Policy only applies to players are arrested, prosecuted or reprimanded by police in any other way. Therefore, Hardy's brief incident probably is just a blip on Commissioner Roger Goodell's radar. Goodell could dig deeper into the matter if he chooses, but that's unlikely considering the local cops decided to drop the case on the spot.

Quick Take

Hardy has had trouble with the law in the past. In 2006, Hardy was charged with domestic battery of his girlfriend of seven years. And we live in the Vick/Pacman Era, where character is now a big difference in teams drafting or not drafting a player. Apparently, the Bills believed Hardy has moved on from the charges. The Indiana receiver went on to catch 36 touchdowns in 36 games and get drafted as probable starter opposite of Lee Evans.

But this latest domestic dispute is serious. Granted, the case sounds like it may be dropped. But anything involving a gun and an athlete will certainly be monitored closely by the league. Hardy must recoup and realize the huge opportunity in front of him. He has the best chance to make an immediate impact out of the entire wide receiver class.

If the allegations are true, pulling a gun on your father is a huge red flag.

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