Blackout in Buffalo

During the bye week, Gregg Williams really showed he was in charge of the Bills by closing practices to the media.

The rationale given was that excessive media coverage had leaked injury information that helped cause the Bills' 38-7 loss to the Patriots. He might as well have said that none of the writers and broadcasters made any tackles against New England. They weren't alone; very few of Buffalo's defenders made tackles either.

To me, Williams' move reeked of panic even more than taking charge of a negative situation. He knows the remaining schedule will be far more difficult than the friendly slate that has helped the Bills to a 5-4 record, mostly against the NFL's weak sisters. Buffalo played some teams with offenses so inoffensive that they hid the glaring weaknesses in the defense the coach has charge of.

How will the Bills stop Kansas City? The Dolphins, if Jay Fiedler is back? The Patriots, on the road? San Diego? Brett Favre in Green Bay? Even the Jets are showing far more signs of life than during the first half of the season -- and they won in Buffalo.

I've taken kind of a vow of being positive. And I don't really have to manufacture positivity to say that the Bills' record is tied for the best in the AFC East, with the Pats and the Fish.

However, during Sunday night's Jets win over Miami, Joel Meyers repeatedly mentioned how the Dolphins' loss dropped them into a tie -- with New England. The little guy with the deep voice never mentioned the Bills.

At the very least, that tells us what the national media think of Buffalo's finest. Not much. But it's also possible that the media have no knowledge of the Bills' record because they haven't been to practice. Well, it could be.


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