Chiefs need win more than Bills do

The Bills and their next opponents, the Chiefs, are similar teams. Good offenses, defenses that have trouble stopping even a less accomplished offense.




Both teams are in divisions with four teams that all consider themselves in playoff contention. So with just six games remaining after Sunday, it's more important than usual for each team to win.


"It's probably more important if you look at us," said Kansas City quarterback Trent Green. "We're last in our division at 4-5. We can't fall too far behind everybody that's ahead of us."


Like the Bills, the Chiefs have had a drop-off in their offensive efficiency. And some of KC's reasons sound familiar.


"If you look at the last two weeks, the things that have hurt are mistakes," said Green, sounding like Bills coach Gregg Williams. "We've had turnovers in the red zone and mistakes. We had two penalties that brought back touchdowns."


The major difference in the two teams is the way they attack. The Bills have had a deep-strike capability, with Drew Bledsoe throwing primarily to wide receivers Eric Moulds and Peerless Price.


But, said Chiefs head coach Dick Vermeil, "The running back (Priest Holmes) is the best there is in the league, the quarterback is good, the tight end (Tony Gonzalez) is the best in the league and we have two guards (Will Shields and Brian Waters) who run as well as anybody. We don't have Moulds or Price but we have good players."


Gonzalez is a perennial Pro Bowler, and Holmes is leading the NFL with 96 points and is scoring touchdowns at a record rate. But they're not the only reasons KC is likely to improve on last year's 6-10 record.


Said Green, "I think I'm spreading the ball around better, and a lot of that has to do with the talent we've brought in here. We've shored up our offensive line; I have a lot more time in the pocket. The third thing is I'm more healthy. Instead of spending rehab time, I'm spending football time."


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