Williams' hamstring feels 'better'

Bills rookie right tackle Mike Williams injured his hamstring against Houston and sat out wins against the Dolphins and Lions. But he returned for the New England game and gutted it out, though he wasn't fully recovered. He's feeling better lately.

"It's crampy and it takes a lot of work," he said. "But right now I'm doing real good, I'm doing better than ever."

Williams added that he had to work hard at rehabilitating the muscle just to get himself back on the field.

"It depends on how hard you work. And how willing you are to get back into the game. You ice it, you wrap it, you work out on it," he said. "You do strengthening work because the hamstring has been shocked. And so basically you got to retrain that muscle and strengthen it so it can hold up to fatigue. You don't want to reinjure it so you strengthen it. You stretch it. We do these [elastic] bands, where they put the band behind the knee. We do step-ups, lunge-walking, with no real weights. You almost use the weight of your body to strengthen it because right now if it can't support your own body weight, how can you expect it to support added-on weight?"

He said he had a hard time just getting around when he first suffered the injury Oct. 13.

"At first it made walking difficult because the muscles basically contract together and it's real tight in there," he said. "That's just the way the muscle works to protect itself from reinjury. [Now] when I'm walking I can always feel a kind of pull or something. But it's not going to pull, it's healed, but I got to get knots out and basically strengthen it back up.

"I'll get through the next, how many games left do we have? We're looking toward the playoffs and I can't just get myself through the last seven games, I got to get myself through the long haul and that's the Super Bowl."

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