Bills release statement on Lynch case

The Buffalo Bills released the following statement regarding running back Marshawn Lynch's alleged hit-and-run case...

The Buffalo Bills received a request from the Buffalo Police Department to interview certain Bills players in connection with the incident on the morning of Saturday, May 31st at the corner of West Chippewa Street and Delaware Avenue. The Buffalo Bills organization has fully cooperated with the authorities by assisting them in setting up the interviews with the several players they requested. Those players voluntarily attended the interviews and the investigators were able to speak with each of them.

It is the view of the Buffalo Bills organization that the investigation is not a team matter, but rather a personal matter. The Buffalo Bills have been asked to and have assisted the investigators. At the conclusion of the player interviews, the investigators indicated their intent to impanel a grand jury, to subpoena several Buffalo Bills players and to further subpoena several members of the Buffalo Bills administrative staff. The Buffalo Bills organization has cooperated fully and will continue to cooperate fully with the Buffalo Police Department in connection with this matter.

The Buffalo Bills organization is issuing this statement to respond to media reports that suggest that the Buffalo Bills have not been cooperative with the authorities, which is completely untrue.

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