DA: Lynch to appear in court next week

According to District Attorney Frank Clark, Marshawn Lynch will appear in court next week after refusing to talk to authorities for nearly a month. Details inside...

Finally, some answers and truth may be on the horizon.

Buffalo Bills running back Marshawn Lynch is expected to plead guilty sometime next week to an undisclosed charge from the hit-and-run accident involving Lynch's SUV, according to Erie County District Attorney Frank Clark on Friday as reported by the Associated Press.

The exact charge was not specified by Clark, but it's assumed that the pending plea deal means that Lynch was indeed driving his 2008 Porsche Cayenne when it hit a woman at 3:30 a.m. on May 31. The victim suffered a bruised hip and needed stitches after the hit. Clark added that there was another person in the SUV when it hit the woman, but the DA wouldn't say who it was.

The case has dragged on for nearly a month due to Lynch's refusal to talk to authorities. The pressure was certainly turned up when several Bills players and front office brass, including chief operating officer Russ Brandon, were subpoenaed by investigators.

Lynch's lawyer, Michael Caffery, did not respond immediately after Clark's announcement Friday, the AP reported. Lynch had just left the Bills minicamp last week, but is now expected to return sometime next week in court.

"He is going to be back here," Clark said. :He is going to be in Buffalo. He is going to confront the matter directly. He's going to do whatever he has to do to resolve it and then he's going to make a statement."

The Bills organization is still withholding comment. Team spokesman Scott Berchtold responded, "We are aware of the District Attorney's comments but will maintain our position that we will not comment until the process has been fully completed."

Clark also said, "I think that the way this will be resolved will be in line with the way most of these cases are resolved and probably very much in line with the way it might have been resolved had all of this come together sooner."

Lynch was Buffalo's best offensive weapon as a rookie last year with 1,115 yards and seven touchdowns on the ground.

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