Big play of the game

Chiefs' ball, third and nine from the Buffalo 9, five minutes remaining in the game, Buffalo up 16-10.

Kansas City was in a one-back set with Priest Holmes. There were two wide receivers to the left, tight end Tony Gonzales on the right side of the line and a wide receiver going in motion from left to right.

Trent Green got the snap and backpedaled. Despite sending five people out for passes, he found no open because the Bills dropped seven in coverage using their nickel package.

Up front, under tackle Ron Edwards drew a double team and nose tackle Justin Bannan was pushed outside by the Chiefs' left guard. Left end Grant Irons and right end Aaron Schobel got some push and helped to flush Green from the pocket.

With Bannan led outside, and the Chiefs receivers all running to the edge, the middle of the field was open and Green ran it in for the score. Chris Watson, Pierson Prioleau and Eddie Robinson converged on him, but he was able to duck his head and squeeze into the end zone for the game-winning score.

Watson, incidentally, was called for holding on the play, so even if Green hadn't scored, Kansas City would have gotten a fresh four plays to put the ball in the end zone anyway.

"It's always hard," said Prioleau. "It's always hard on you when you've got the right coverage on, people are locked up, and you get the quarterback scrambling (for the touchdown or first down). It's always frustrating. But I think that's something we got to put a stop to."

"Trent Green made some nice plays, with no place to throw the football," Gregg Williams said. "The coverage was very sound, very good. We utilized a couple of packages that we hadn't utilized in a couple of years and those guys did a good job in those packages and Trent pulled the ball down and ran, made two big plays. His touchdown was huge, and the third-down conversion at the end. No place to throw it and he was able to make the play with his legs."

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