Prioleau in chat: 'We can win the AFC East'

Free safety Pierson Prioleau was in the Shout! chat room for an hour Monday night, talking to Bills fans about, among other things, the Bills' prospects for winning the AFC East and contending for the Super Bowl this season. He also gave some blunt comments about NFL refereeing. This is a Shout! exclusive.

Welcome to the party, Pierson.

Thanks for inviting me. I'm glad to be here, LA.

What do you think of Jerry Gray?

I think Jerry is a good coach and he means well and he calls defensive plays that are designed to work. We just have to execute as players.

Pierson, absolutely great takedown of Holmes in the backfield yesterday. What did you see?

I was just reading my keys and used my instincts and tried to make a play.

I don't recall ever seeing you run that fast.

LA, my field speed is probably a whole lot faster than my 40 time.

Nice strategy this week. You held Holmes in check until the fourth.

The game was simple. We were focusing on Gonzalez and Holmes and it worked up until the last two drives of the game.

Pierson how long usually can we expect CBs to hold coverage on their man without it breaking?

BF, we used to say four seconds of concentration in coverage, but the real answer is as long as it takes.

Pat Williams recently said that the bills d-line will be among the best next season... what are your thoughts?

Chris, I agree with Pat seeing that we have a lot of young players up front and things get better with age. I'm not sure if Marcus Jones was signed or not. The d-linemen we have are talented.

Jones was signed today.

Was it a change in scheme on the last drive there that caused Holmes to break those long runs? Up until then you guys did a nice job of shutting him down. Did the scheme change at all?

YES, what was the difference?

Because you guys did such a great job the rest of the game, but when it was on the line....

The last two drives, we didn't execute. We didn't get penetration on the defense, along with the bad referee calls. BF, they just executed the runs better. Our defense just had to step up more. We needed to recognize the urgency of the situation and needed to execute and play like it was urgent.

I read somewhere today that Fletcher may have been out during that last series. Anyone know if that was true?  I was too busy breaking my lawn chair to notice.

LA, Fletcher was banged up a little. He was in and out on that last series. It's a physical game.

yeah, he was throwing himself around a lot yesterday. All of you were.

Pierson, how do you, personally, shake a game like this?

LA, you have to forget about it because the season isn't over. And you still have a whole lot of goals to achieve.

Was it fatigue? I mean you guys were all over the field yesterday. It had to be tiring?

RRich, we're in pretty good shape. It's really hard to say what caused the malfunction of the last two drives.

well I noticed that they were setting up with a few wideouts, you were pretty sure they would run however correct?  Did the way they lined up dictate you backing off a little or no?

BF, we knew they were going to run the ball and they knew they were going to run the ball. It's just a matter of us stopping them.

Hell, I was in LA and I knew they were going to run the ball.

And sadly, now, so did my lawn chair.


I punched my desk in disgust

I didn't break it though'

Too bad. That there's some good kindlin'

Pierson, so you like to put down some brew during the week?

after a big win where do all you guys go to have a good time with the ladies and the brew?

Nick, the guys that decide to hang out, they go to various places, no place in particular. We attend several local and downtown bars, try to blend in as much as possible and be regular guys.

Personally, I thought it was our best defensive game overall because they have the ability to put upthe points


LA, we did do some things well. It's just unfortunate that we were burdened with the loss.

What do you think our playoff prospects are?

BF, we still have as good a shot as anyone else in the AFC. We definitely have a shot to win the division. We really have put oursleves in a position where any losses could be detrimental, being that all of our games remaining, with the exception of Green Bay, are all AFC battles.


RRich, I'm more involved vocally at free safety because you're considered the quarterback of the defense. You're making sure everyone is aligned and adjusted correctly. I'm very comfortable in Jerry's defense because it fits my style. I'm an aggressive defender.

pierson here's a tough question, i don't wanna put you in a corner but the bills have lost quite a few afc games and are currently 1-2 in the division... are the coaches stressing on how almost all afc games will now be must wins to even have a shot at the playoffs?? thanks you and good luck

Chris, they feel every game is a must-win game. But it's obvious we can't really afford to lose anymore.

pierson i'll be up to the miami game do u think with the cold temp and being at home in a sold out stadium we will really put a good hurting to the Dolphins?

Nick, about the Dolphins, we hope to give everyone the show they want to see when that game comes. But right now it's the Jets.

What kind of impact does losing have on you as a pro athlete?

RRich, we get angry at losing. You take the game with you everywhere, but you just try not to let it affect your family life. But it does anyway.  As any job, when you have a bad day on the job, you're emotionally different when you go home to your wife and kids. After victories you have a little more pep in your step. You have to get over losses quickly, but they do kind of wear on you emotionally.

Forst let's worry about beating the Jests in their do you think our "D" matches up against them??

ABBF, we match up well with the Jets. We did a good job the first time, but we intend to do better this time. Pennington is playing into the scheme of the offense. He's doing what the coaches' want to do. He is a bit more mobile than Testaverde.


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