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Fan weighs in on Toronto issue, emphasizes the importance of the Bills to the city

There is much talk of the Bills not being able to financially compete with the "big dogs." However, I have read Forbes magazine report that the Bills have one of the highest profit margins of any NFL team. While that may be due in part to the fact that Ralph Wilson Jr. has owned the team for so long that he carries very little debt, a proposed sale of the Bills may not be as sweet a deal as it seems.

What cannot be understated is the significance of the Bills for the city of Buffalo. Yes, jobs are leaving the city at an alarming rate, real estate prices are falling and interest in investment is dwindling. Concerned fans should be writing to their elected officials to do all that they can to keep the Bills in Buffalo. As economic stimulus proposals float around the state of New York, the importance of this team cannot be understated or ignored.

- C.J. Barone

Born and raised in Hamburg, NY

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