Wire has a battle plan

Strong safety Coy Wire is committed to improvement. He will be staying in Buffalo this off-season to improve on pass coverage.

He already watches film daily with weakside linebacker Eddie Robinson, to cull some tricks of the trade about reading keys and predicting what an opponent might do. He said that's helpful, but he's not fully satisfied where he's at as a player.

"Yes and no. I want to be the best pass coverage safety in the league and I'm not," Wire said. "I'm not even close to that yet. So I'm not happy in that sense, but I know that I've improved a lot each game. I get a little better, more comfortable covering routes. I'm able to anticipate routes better now. Each game I get better with that and it's only going to continue to get better, especially after the season ends. In the off-season, I'm going to be up here working with Steve Jackson a lot. He played in the NFL for nine years. I'm looking forward to that because it will make up for a lot of lost time."

Wire was referring to the fact that he played linebacker and running back at Stanford and did not have the benefit of college years to pick up strong safety. He intends to fix that through hard work.

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