Assorted comments by the Bills about the Bills

Here's an assortment of comments by the Bills about their 31-13 loss to the Jets Sunday.

Jay Riemersma

On mistakes: "We just made way too many mistakes to overcome. Down the stretch you can't make those mistakes against good football teams. There a good football team."

On the Jets' defense this time around as opposed to their defense in the opener: "Marked improvement."

On whether defenses have caught up to the Bills' offense: "I don't think so. Our opportunities are there. I think when we look at the film, we're going to be shaking our heads – I know I am."

Antoine Winfield

On the Jets' offense: "Who would have thought they would come out and score 31 points on us? We just didn't cause any turnovers. We missed a lot of tackles. They converted third downs. That whole first half I think they punted only one time. We didn't give our offense a chance to get on the field and make some plays."

On Curtis Martin: "He's a good back. He made people miss in the backfield. He had some room to run."

Travis Henry

On his performance: "We lost the game," said Henry. " I ain't really thinking about my performance. I ain't thinking about it now ‘cause it's nothing if you can't get a win."

On the offense:

"We just weren't clicking."

Drew Bledsoe

On turnovers: "We've show we have a tough time winning a ball game when we turn the ball over. We can't do that and expect to win. It's very simple: We just have to play better."

On how defenses are playing the offense: "The way teams are approaching us is they're trying to eliminate the big plays and make us drive the length of the field. And when that happens, you have to be more precise in our offensive execution.

On whether he thinks the team needs to win the next five games to make the playoffs: "Yeah, that's what we're faced with."

Ruben Brown

On whether he is frustrated: "You would be frustrated too if you lost another game. Any game you lose, you're frustrated. When everything doesn't particularly go your way, you get upset about it. But I don't think our confidence in each other as teammates has changed at all. We have talent. We know we have really good players. We just have to start getting the job done."

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