Watson faces the music

With most of his teammates skipping out of the locker room early Monday, cornerback Chris Watson was one of the few who made himself available to media covering the Buffalo Bills. That was even though against the Jets Sunday, Watson was burned for some big gains and committed a critical roughing-the-kicker penalty that head coach Gregg Williams called "stupid."

Q: Is there hope for the team after three losses in a row?

Watson: You've always got to have hope. The coaches keep us high-spirited as  a team. We still practice together as a team; nobody is holding his head  down.

Q: Is there finger-pointing among the players?

Watson: That's not our characteristic. If one guy messes up, it's all 11 guys  messing up.

Q: Do you think you'll be back at cornerback against the Dolphins, or have to  assume a bigger role again if Antoine Winfield is hurt?

Watson: We'll see how Antoine pans out during the week. That's up to the  coaches.

Q: Would you say the defense hasn't been playing as well as it could?

Watson: It can be better. There's always room for improvement.

Q: Do you feel quarterbacks are targeting you specifically?  Watson: Not any more than they target anybody else. That did happen to me  earlier in the year, but it calmed down a little bit. If they target me,  they're just giving me more opportunity to make plays.

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