Lucas: 'Bills probably happy I'm playing'

The Dolphins are on a two-game winning streak, beating the Chargers and Ravens by a combined 56-10 score. Ray Lucas has quarterbacked the team, but Ricky Williams really led the charge, rushing for 102 yards vs. Baltimore and 143 yards vs. San Diego. Here's what Lucas had to say today:


Q: How have you been able to rebound after the three-game losing streak that started with the Bills on Oct. 20.

Ray Lucas: The guys around me are playing excellent, so my job is easy.

Q: So was that really the worst quarterbacking performance in the history of professional football against the Bills last time?

Lucas: If it wasn't, it had to be pretty damn close.

Q: How did you get through the tough times mentally?

Lucas: My teammates were unbelievable. They didn't let me stew in my misery. People were calling me, telling me they had my back. I think that helped me out a lot.

Q: What do you think of playing in the Buffalo weather this week? It's snowing here.

Lucas: Weather is not an issue and that's the last I'm going to say about the matter.

Q: What do you think of Ricky Williams, particularly the last two weeks?

Lucas: He started off as a Clydesdale, but he's going to be a donkey by the time we get through him. And our offensive line had been playing pretty well right now. But Ricky is Ricky. The line has been playing well though.

Q: What do you think of the Bills-Dolphins rivalry?

Lucas: It's just another game. If I were smart, I wouldn't want to be in there. I'm sure the guys in Buffalo are thinking, "Oh good Ray's in there, we're gonna get some picks this week."

Q: How have you stayed mentally tough?

Lucas: Well, I could be a bucket of crap, but I couldn't do that to my teammates and coaches. I told Jay when he got hurt, that I had his back. I'm just sorry it took so long.

Q: Do you plan to work Chris more into the offense this game. He had a strong game last year here in Buffalo?

Lucas: Everybody knows about Chris this year. He was a rookie last year and defenses didn't think he could sustain his abilities for the entire season. But now they're watching him every snap.

Q: Any QB controversy in Miami?

Lucas. This is Jay's team. He was 5-1 when he got hurt. I don't believe in losing your position anyway. You have to have a two-headed monster at quarterback otherwise you're not going to make it through the season.

Q: How did you beat the Chargers?

Lucas: The game plan was good. But the guys who executed it were even better.

Q: How's Norv Turner's play calling?

Lucas: Norv Turner just knows what to do at the right time. He's a genius. If we have something that doesn't work, he'll change it. In the end, we'll be able to dial something else to make it work.

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