Breaking down the Rams

The 3-0 Buffalo Bills travel to St. Louis to take on the 0-3 Rams. While it may seem like it will be a lopsided game, BFR's Rich Pulvino explains why the Bills can't overlook this game.

Coach Dick Jauron has the right idea behind his game plan – focus on one team at a time. While the St. Louis Rams have started the season with three dismal weeks, last week, Miami proved that you should never count out a winless team. I'm not saying that St. Louis will win, but the Bills should treat them as if they were playing New England or Pittsburgh.

To compare the two teams, we'll start with the quarterbacks. Trent Edwards has sprinted out of the gates and proven himself as someone who can control the game.

The fourth quarter from last Sunday's game against Oakland proves Edwards can handle himself under pressure. Edwards may have had a rough start, but when it mattered most, he was able to step up. His stats show that the fourth quarter has been the most productive for him. In the fourth quarter, he has completed 24 of 32 passes with two touchdowns and zero interceptions. If, for some un-Godly reason, the Bills find themselves down in the fourth quarter again this week, watch for Edwards to show you his best stuff.

Mark Bulger is out this week, which is a shame for Buffalo because he had quite the dismal showing over the first three weeks. In steps Trent Green, who hasn't started since he sustained a season-ending concussion for the 2007 Dolphins- and we all know how that season turned out.

So what can we expect from Green? Besides a sense of excitement since he gets a chance to start, watch out for the long-ball and a lot of pass attempts. He may have only had eight pass attempts in the pre-season, but the Rams offense is ranked 31st in the NFL and Steven Jackson has been their top receiver with 133 yards over the first three weeks.

Look for Green to spread the ball around and not be afraid to bomb the ball downfield. He had at least 3,700 yards passing every year he was on the Chiefs, so you know the man knows how to find he receivers.

Moving on to defense, these are two teams are on different ends of the spectrum. The Rams have allowed at least 37 points over the first three games while the Bills are allowing an average of just over 16 points per game.

The Rams leading tackler is a nine year veteran, James Hall, while the Bills have Donte Whitner and Paul Posluszny leading the team. Both of these players haven't even played three full years in the NFL and their leading a top-10 defense. The oldest players on the Bills defense are Marcus Stroud and Aaron Schobel, who have both been playing for eight years. The Bills have one of, if not the youngest, team in the NFL and it shows in the speed of their defense.

Look for the Bills to get some heavy push and pressure on the sagging Rams offensive line and Trent Green, making room for Posluszny and Kawika Mitchell, and Keith Ellison to keep a sharp eye on Jackson in the backfield. A sharp eye needs to be kept on tight-end Randy McMichael as well. He has been one of the top receivers for the Rams over the past three weeks. If Green is facing heavy pressure, look for Jackson and McMichael being put to heavy use.

Overall, this is a game that should go to Buffalo, but the Rams will be playing to prove that they are not as bad as everyone says they are. St. Louis will need to halt Marshawn Lynch in order to keep the Bills offense on a one-pronged attack. Buffalo functions best when Lynch is finding the holes and Edwards is dead-on. If the Rams want any chance of winning they need to stop at least one of the Bills offensive attacks. They surely won't win this game on offense. The Bills defense has been far too good this season.

The only thing going against Buffalo is that they don't have the home-field advantage. Buffalo is far superior to the Rams in every aspect of the game and the Rams are counting on Trent Green to turn things around for them. Look for Buffalo's defense to give Green a hearty "Welcome Back!" to the NFl.

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