Ranking the NFL: Week 4

Eli and the G-Men take over the top spot in this week's rankings. Which teams are climbing up and which ones continues to stumble? Adam Beilman has the complete list inside...

Parity is a great thing. Every game in the NFL could further scramble the balance of power in the league, and we saw it this week: Tennessee and Buffalo continue to climb, while Dallas and Philadelphia suffered setbacks. Most teams still have dreams of clawing their way to the front of their respective divisions with a quarter of the season over.

1 – New York Giants (3-0) They move up by default, their bye week makes them the only undefeated in the NFC Beast.

2 – Tennessee Titans (4-0) They're teaching the AFC how to beat opponents into submission. Kerry Collins isn't making mistakes, while their defense is forcing them.

3 – Dallas Cowboys (3-1) Cowboys fans are praying Terrell Owens doesn't go T.O. on the team this week. Not a bad loss, but enough to plant the seed of doubt.

4 - Pittsburgh Steelers (3-1) They did what they had to (and nothing more) to topple the Ravens, but they need to keep Ben Roethlisberger on his feet in order to keep doing enough.

5 - Buffalo Bills (4-0) What could they do if they did put together a complete game? At this pace, why not just show up at halftime?

6 – Philadelphia Eagles (2-2) Brian Westbrook, hurry back. Without their most versatile weapon, the Eagles had their offense stifled by the rabid Bears defense.

7 - Chicago Bears (2-2) The on-again off-again Bears looked legitimate against a really good team. Props to the ferocious defense, Lovie Smith, and yes, Kyle Orton.

8 - Denver Broncos (3-1) Their "contender" status is suddenly in doubt after giving up 33 points and more than 200 yards rushing in an embarrassing loss to the Chiefs.

9 - Washington Redskins (3-1) Jason Campbell is a West-Coast maestro all of a sudden, composing a huge upset for the Skins in Big D.

10 - San Diego Chargers (2-2) So, they spotted the Raiders 15 points. It didn't matter, they've begin to heat up after their traditional stumble out of the gates.

11 - Carolina Panthers (3-1) Muhsin Mohamed and Steve Smith catch touchdowns in the same game for the same team. The last time that happened: Super Bowl XXXVIII.

12 - New England Patriots (2-1) Now that the league has had some time to forget about last week's embarrassment, we'll see how they've adjusted on both sides of the ball in the bye.

13 - Green Bay Packers (2-2) For the first time all season, cheeseheads are forced to doubt Ted Thompson's QB choice. And Rodgers still wasn't bad.

14 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-1) Nothing but respect for K Matt Bryant, who kicks 3 field goals the week he loses his infant son. Awful circumstances make for a great story, and his team's not too shabby, either.

15 - Baltimore Ravens (2-1) This team is built in the model of the 2004 Steelers: let the rookie QB manage the offense, let the defense control the game.

16 - Indianapolis Colts (1-2) They'd better have put some work in during the bye if they intended to chase the Titans and keep pace with the Jags.

17 - New Orleans Saints (2-2) Drew Brees is just playing backyard football in the Big Easy: everyone goes deep, he throws to whomever's open. It seems to work every other week, as it did this time against the Niners.

18 - Jacksonville Jaguars (2-2) Good sign: the franchise QB guts out a tough overtime win. Bad sign: the secondary gets torched by Matt Schaub and the Texans.

19 - New York Jets (2-2) Brett Favre and Coach Mangini seemed to be rubbing it in on the 6th TD pass, but they may have thought they needed the points with the way their secondary was (not) playing.

20 - Arizona Cardinals (2-2) The team stayed on the East Coast all week to avoid the long flight back to the desert. Nobody told the defense the plan, who left sometime before kickoff Sunday.

21 - Minnesota Vikings (1-3) They were somewhat efficient against a tough defense, but they coughed up the ball 4 times. That won't cut it.

22 - Atlanta Falcons (2-2) This team goes as Michael Turner goes, and he simply didn't Sunday.

23 - Seattle Seahawks (1-2) The entire NFC West stumbled while the ‘Hawks watched. Time for them to takeover the division they've won every year since 2004.

24 - Miami Dolphins (1-2) Which Dolphins team will we see after the bye? The AFC East is dying to find out.

25 - San Francisco 49ers (2-2) They're certainly a fun team, albeit overmatched in the NFC.

26 - Kansas City Chiefs (1-3) Herm Edwards rallied the troops this week, and the Chiefs are suddenly not one of the worst teams in football. Larry Johnson is either good again, or the Broncos are really that bad on defense.

27 - Cleveland Browns (1-3) Someone had to win that stinker in Ohio. The Browns didn't look much better than in any other game this year, they just happened to screw up less than the Bengals.

28 - Houston Texans (0-3) Coach Kubiak has the offense pointed in the right direction. Their record is deceiving.

29 – Cincinnati Bengals (0-4) Carson Palmer's elbow seems to be the excuse they're going to go with this week.

30 – Oakland Raiders (1-3) A young team will continue to make young team mistakes. Expect that to continue now that Lane Kiffin has been shown the exit.

31 - Detroit Lions (0-3) Matt Millen's ungraceful departure will surely be the lone bright spot for this team this season.

32 - St. Louis Rams (0-4) The fans at least got to stay through halftime, and the embarrassing signs didn't come out until late in the 4th! Progress! They will probably take a small step forward under a new coach.

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