Henry chat: 'I'm gonna play big role down stretch'

Travis Henry was in the Shout! Chat Room for a half-hour, Tuesday, Dec. 3, taking all kinds of questions from Bills fans, everything from the team's preparation for the Patriots game to whether he prefers running behind a fullback. It was a very interesting chat. Here's an abridged transcript.

<TravisHenry> Hi folks.


<Thurmal34> Hi Travis


<cablelady> TRAVIS IS GOD !!

<buffaloahmed> whats up travis

<Thurmal34> Great game T Hen!

<LaryBump> looks as if cablelady is glad to see him

<cablelady> CONGRATS on the 1000 + !!

<Thurmal34> LOL

<LaryBump> or maybe it's just cold in here

<buffaloahmed> great game

<buffaloahmed> travis

<TravisHenry> I'm happy to be here.

<LaryBump> so I noticed BF

<cablelady> RUN TRAVIS RUN

<ZachThomas> Hey Trav, i didn't get enough yesterday. Could you run me over another 6-7 times?

<buffaloahmed> lol

<cablelady> *LOL*@Zach

<TravisHenry> CL, thanks for the congratulations. It's a big accomplishment for me.


<LaryBump> any other questions for Travis?  :-)

<cablelady> YOU ARE DA MAN !!

<grunge> Hey Travis, a lot of whining going on down here in south FL....great job!!

<cablelady> I have a question.

<LaryBump> cablelady is even shouting

<TravisHenry> The Dolphins game was a big game for us. And we needed to win to give us a shot to make the playoffs.

<RRich> PROPS ON THE 1000, NOW ONTO 1500....MAYBE MORE!!

<LaryBump> is it a question you can ask in public cablelady?

<cablelady> Who is calling the offensive plays ? Gilbride or Williams ?

<TravisHenry> CL, Gilbride calls the offensive plays.

<cablelady> Thanx, Travis. He needs to call your number MORE OFTEN !

<BF_in_Indiana> Travis do you think the offense is getting closer to being a more balanced attack then what it was at the start of the year with Drew having to throw so many times a game?  And how does the weather relate to that?

<TravisHenry> It looks like we'll be a more balanced attack toward going into the next four games. Coaches have said that I'm going to play a bigger role in this last stretch.

<ZachThomas> Loved the flatfooting on icy turf. Did you learn to run on your heels from watching old GaleSayers video?

<TravisHenry> Zach, it was icy down there the field was cold. I maintained my footing because I have good balance.

<cablelady> and nice legs.......oops *LOL*

<LaryBump> that's really not a bad point, cablelady, I was impressed by how strong Travis' legs were to push the pile

<buffaloahmed> Travis how is the preparation going for the Pats

<TravisHenry> Ahmed, we find out the game plan Wednesday. We had Monday off. We usually watch the game on Monday from the previous Sunday, but Gregg gave us Monday off as a reward for a job well done.

<cablelady> Well deserved.

<LaryBump> so, Travis, you haven't seen any film yet or talked about the Patriots?

<TravisHenry> Our first day of preparation for the Patriots is really Wednesday. We have not seen any film or talked about the Patriots until Wednesday.

<BF_in_Indiana> Travis, what steps have you taken to improve your pass catching?  You seem more comfortable this year as compared to last year.

<TravisHenry> BF, I've been working on that the whole off-season. I was just working on my routes, I never had a problem catching the ball.

<RRich> Travis, does the team get pumped up about playing the Dolphins more than any other team?

<TravisHenry> RRich, we do get pumped up about playing Miami, because it's a divisional rival and they've been a Bills rival for a long time.

<AKC> Travis- Coach Gilbride doesn't seem regularly inclined to run on 3rd and 3 or 3rd and 4. When you do get the ball on third down which side are you more confident in running the ball over- the left or the right?

<TravisHenry> AKC, I like running left because Ruben and Jonas are good at working together. And another thing, if it's third and three, and you need the yards, you want to run behind Ruben who's a six-time Pro Bowler and Jonas, who's an up-and-coming star.

<Thurmal34> Travis, are you more comfortable running behind Phil Crosby or do you prefer being the lone RB and why?

<TravisHenry> Thurm, I like to be the lone running back back there because I don't have to read an extra block from the fullback. I have a better feel for the game as the lone setback.

<buffaloahmed> Travis, Bill belichek has gotta be a tough coach to prepare for, he shows alot of different looks every week

<TravisHenry> Buff, it's hard to go up against Belichick because he shows so many different looks, you go to prepare for all of them and you don't really know which ones he's going to use. Belichick worries the offensive line more than me.

<petef123> Travis, did you catch the ball a lot in college? You've seemed to really excel at that lately. That's a huge asset to be a "complete" back.

<TravisHenry> Pete, they didn't use me as much as a receiver in college. My career at Tennessee I probably caught the ball no more than 20 times.

<cablelady> I have a very important request. Will you tell Peerless that I love him ? *smile*

<TravisHenry> CL, sure I'll tell Peerless that you love him.

<LaryBump> what a heartbreaker you are, cablelady

<cablelady> But, I really do. Really.

<cablelady> You GO! Travis

<cablelady> Thank you!

<TomNJ> Wait, I thought you loved me, cl??????????/

<cablelady> Now I'm going to buy a #20 jersey.

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