Law, Belichick tough opponents to beat

The two big questions leading up to the Bills-Patriots game: How will Eric Moulds match up with Ty Law? What does Bill Belichick have up his sleeve this time?

Moulds holds Pro Bowl cornerback Law in higher regard even than Law has for the Bills' former Pro Bowler. Moulds has said Law is one of the two best cornerbacks he goes against. But Law said of Moulds, "Pound for pound, he's one of the top three receivers in the league.

"We can't shut out Eric Moulds and Peerless Price. We want to contain them. We're not going to let them run all over us. A receiver like Eric Moulds is going to grab you and push you, and you can't return the favor. That makes your job harder."

Once the Patriots built a big lead in their 38-7 victory at Ralph Wilson Stadium Nov. 3, the innovative Belichick used a defense with no down linemen, but with four linebackers standing near the line of scrimmage and seven defensive backs. He knew the Bills had to pass, and allowed them to run the ball if they chose to eat up time.

The head coach refused to take credit for his effective scheme.

"I think you've really just got the give the credit to the players. They're a pretty hard-working group. They are flexible and adjustable; that's how you can play good team defense. The way the players can accept new ideas is important.

"There's no question when you put something new in, you have to make sure the players A) have to be able to adjust to it, and B) that they're physically capable of being able to do what you want them to do.

"A lot of times you get into practice and find it's going to be either harder than you thought or easier than you thought. You listen to the players' feedback."

So what will be new in the Pats' game plan this time? Law wasn't about to give any clue.

"When Bill sets his mind to take away something, we go out and do it. He don't have no number or no shoulder pads, so he's not stopping anybody."

No, but his players are doing a fine job stopping opponents, especially a pass-oriented offense like Buffalo's.


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