Bills' quotebook

Here's a postgame quotebook of thoughts and feelings by Bills players and coaches after the Patriots defeated them 27-17 on Dec. 8.

Bledsoe on the crowd cheering him:

"It was nice. But when you're in a game like that, you hear some of that stuff, but the bottom line is we came here to try to win a ball game. But it's obviously nice to be appreciated."

Bledsoe on the end zone interception from the New England one, when Buffalo was down 17-0 in the second quarter:

"If I could have one back, it'd be the one down there in the end zone. It's juts a big mistake. I've hit Dave when he stopped (in the end zone) during practice and I tried to throw that one in there, and I should have tried to throw it out of the end zone. At that point, we could have gotten it back to 17-7 if we punched that one in, which would have made it an entirely different ball game …

"It's a bootleg designed for me to get outside a little bit, try to sell the fake and then coming out there, Dave (Moore) was covered, Phil (Crosby) was covered in the flat, and like I said, at one point during practice I had thrown it to Dave where he stopped and kind of came back. So I tried to make that play, but I was too deep. Didn't get enough on the ball. I should have just throw it out of the end zone …

"Yeah, obviously (I was trying to do too much) on that play. I should have thrown it out of the end zone."

Bledsoe on the play calls from the New England one:

"We have in our goal line situations, four, five, six runs and a couple passes and that's kind of the way that we had approached it during the week. It was to run it on first down, do a little play action on second down and move onto our third play."

Bledsoe on his frame of mind heading into the game:

"I think I had a good frame of mind coming in. I think I understood how we had to play. I had to be precise; they weren't going to give us a lot of chances to make plays down the field, so we were going to have to be very precise. The bottom line for us as an offense and a team is that we have to stop making the mistakes that are hurting us. We got enough guys to make plays to win ball games. But the mistakes, they just hurt us. The first drive, we march it down there, I hit a big play to Jay and then we get a penalty. And that brings it back. Then we come down there again and throw the interception. The mistakes that are hurting us – we've got enough playmakers and good players to win these games. But we got to stop losing games before we can win them."

Bledsoe on his team's effort when things looked bleak:

"Guys on this team will keep fighting. And we did, and we fought right to the end, but when you turn the ball over that many times, you're really fighting an uphill battle. You're not going to win very many that way."

Bledsoe on the New England defense:

"They're going to give us multiple looks and try to confuse our protection in passing situations, and try to mix up their blitzes and kind of keep us guessing. But I think for the most part today, our offensive line did a pretty good job. They really did. We had a good game plan coming in and I think we did a lot of good things. But we just made too many mistakes. The turnovers just killed us …

"They're playing us in a defense that forces us to march it down the field and not make mistakes. I would imagine that would continue to be their plan until we prove that we can do that. Today we moved the ball and we made a lot of big plays, but we made too many mistakes. I would imagine that that's the way that teams will approach us. The Jets kind of took that same approach, where they're gonna play the cover-two, keep the safeties back there, and prevent us from making the big plays and force us to march it down the field. Until we become efficient and precise enough to march it like that – putting together 10-, 12- 14-play drives – that will be what we continue to face. Because when teams come up and challenge us, we got big-play receivers and they'll go get it and they can get behind you and make the big plays. When we do that, we can overcome some mistakes. But I would imagine that most teams when they plays us will try everything they can to eliminate the big play and force us to be precise in our execution."

Bledsoe on his first interception of the day, which was tipped and eventually caught by tackle Richard Seymour:

"I was throwing a hot route and they blitzed – they were bringing more than we could block, so I tried to get it out of my hands quickly – and I didn't quite get it over the guys hands. I'm not sure who it was. It got tipped out and unfortunately it didn't get on the ground."

Bledsoe on the Bills' plan now:

"We keep fighting. That's what we do. That's what I said during this game when the end there looked bleak. I told the guys, ‘Hey, we got to keep fighting.' And we did. And I have confidence that we will. If we got three games left then we'll fight those last three games. That's what you do. You play and you fight as hard as you can and you try to win every game you're in."

Gregg Williams on Bledsoe's interceptions:

"I think a few of those throws he'd obviously like to have back. He knows normally he can make tight throws. He threw a couple of them in there in situations where he couldn't get in there – today …

"When the play breaks down like that, you throw it out of the back of the end zone, but he tried to force it in there. We didn't make it in there …

"It's obviously not as well as he normally plays. He'll bounce back. We need him to bounce back. We need him to play well, for us to play well."

Williams on the play calls from the New England one:

"We ran the first time, but our second down call was to go in there with a pass. We just didn't execute it."

Williams on pass protection:

"Our guys just failed late in the down. We had some time early on in many snaps, where he would get flushed sideways where he made a couple of throws, but a couple of them he didn't get thrown away."

Williams on the offense's ability to move the ball:

"We were able to run the ball effectively enough to force some of the single coverage concepts that we need on the outside. We had it versus blitz a few times and we didn't make the throw and didn't make the catch. We had them. We had a few shots versus blitz where they didn't have anybody help out there. A couple of them we misread; a couple of them we misthrew it."

Williams on what getting swept by the Patriots and Jets says about his team, especially with a QB such as Bledsoe:

"I think it's more than just him. I don't want to say it's him. It's our team in general. We got to get better defensively, we got to get better special teams. We got to get better offensively. It's not just Drew Bledsoe."

Larry Centers on the Patriots' tricky defense:

"It wouldn't have been so effective if the game was a lot closer. Because we would have been in situation where running the ball would have been probably the best answer for that kind of stuff. But just like the first game, we fell behind early and they basically forced us into sort of a passing situation."

Centers on the game in general:

"It wasn't much of a change from the first game. We were more prepared this time and we just didn't hit the big plays when we had the opportunities. One thing about a game like this is that they have a good combination from a team standpoint – they're offense is good enough to chew the clock up and force you to have fewer opportunities on offense. They just put it all together today and they were the better team."

Centers on the team's comeback:

"We showed a little character. We came out fighting in the second half, but we dug ourselves too deep a hole to come out of."

Peerless Price on how fast the Bills got down early:

"It was very disappointing because then when you get down, that's when they start with all their games and tricks, and that's the same thing that happened in the first game."

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