Moulds, Flutie still buddies

Eric Moulds is still friends with Doug Flutie, even though the quarterback is playing – or sitting the bench – on the West Coast for San Diego. Here's what Moulds had to say about Flutie.

Q: How often do you talk to Doug?

Moulds: We call each other from time to time. Sometimes, we talk. Sometimes, we miss each other and just leave each other a message. He leaves me a message. We get to talk maybe twice a week sometimes. I go to his golf tournament in Boston. Actually, I keep missing his golf tournament, because I always miss my flight, but this year I'm going to try to make it.

Q: Is Schottenheimer joking about using Flutie as a wide receiver, and do you think he can do it?

Moulds: He can catch it. He's definitely athletic enough. He could do a lot of different things. But it's different out there playing a receiver. You have to realize what the defenses are and where the safeties are and not really (run) your routes into the safeties and getting yourself hit in certain situations. He's got to realize that, but really, it's difficult to do, really just having one week of practice doing that, because at times teams can blitz and the receiver has to realize the type of blitz, and there are a lot of things going on in your head, and that takes a little time and preparation, but, athletically, I think he can do anything he wants to.

Q: It's got to be a joke, right? They're toying with you by saying that, right?

Moulds: You got to be aware of it if he lines up out there because they can throw it to him (immediately) and then all of a sudden he can throw another pass to another receiver. I'm pretty sure, if they (use Flutie like that) they're may throw him a ball out there just to get the defense pulled up a little bit and make them try to cover a trick play.

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