Report Card: Week 12

The Bills finally managed to win a game, with a very convincing 54-31 trouncing of the Chiefs. Trent Edwards had a stellar game, throwing for two touchdowns and running for two more. BFR's Rich Pulvino breaks down the game with his weekly report card...

Quarterback: A

The only reason Trent doesn't have an "A+" is that he was playing against the lowly Kansas City Chiefs and should post the kind of the numbers he had today. Two touchdown runs (one was an outstanding, 15-yard dive into the end-zone), two passing touchdowns, 24 of 32 passing, and no interceptions. These were the kind of numbers that Edwards should've put up last week against the Browns, but his green horns have been showing the past four weeks. The two fumbles he had could've been bad, but luckily they weren't lost and proved to not be a factor.

Running Backs: A

A great running game was on display from the Bills today. Aside from Edwards' 38 yards on the ground, Marshawn Lynch had 79 yards and Fred Jackson had an impressive 56 yards on only 9 carries. Lynch had numerous powerful runs, including a "Beast Mode" 17-yard powerhouse dash. It was easy to tell that Lynch was still playing off a high he had from the numbers he put up against the Browns on Monday. It is always good to see him with a touchdown in a game too, even it is only a one-yard run, but an impressive one at that.

Offensive Line: A+

Trent Edwards was not sacked and the running game put up 171 yards. If that is not the ideal day for this line, than I don't known what is. Yes, I know they were up against the Chiefs, but the way this line has been playing, they should take whatever they can get. Next week should be a little more difficult against the Niners, but they did fine picking up any blitz packages thrown at them today. Next week, at home, they should have no trouble.

Tight Ends: B

OK, I'll forgive Robert Royal's embarrassing fall in the end-zone in the first quarter with the fact that Derek Schouman caught a pretty 17-yard touchdown pass from Edwards in the fourth. Royal and Schouman had six catches between them, and helped in establishing the impressive passing game, not to mention putting up effective blocks on the run.

Wide Receivers: A

Josh Reed with a touchdown catch??? Believe it! It was great having another talented target back for Edwards. Yes, Reed and Evans were the only wide-outs Edwards found during the game, but they both put up solid numbers. Evans had an all-star caliber day with five catches for 110 yards and proved to have one of the best set of hands in the NFL.

Defensive Line: B-

Copeland Bryan and Ryan Denney each had a sack. While on other teams, this may be a ho-hum statistic, the way the Bills D-Line have been playing, it's downright impressive. Stroud, Kelsey, and Denney were able to get effective pressure on the Chiefs passing game, resulting in two interceptions, but the running game is a different story. The D-Line had a lot of problems closing any holes on Kansas City running plays, and it resulted in the linebackers having a long day.

Linebackers: D

Kawika Mitchell started out the game poorly by getting burned on the opening drive by Jamaal Charles for a 36-yard touchdown. The rest of day was not fun to watch either. The Chiefs had 159 yards on the ground, including a 63-yard run by Larry Johnson that should have been stopped much earlier. The linebacking corps also had trouble picking up the reverses that the Chiefs were running at them. If the Chiefs ran these plays more, it could've been a closer ball game.

Secondary: D+

Leodis McKelvin: A+

Leodis McKelvin sure made a name for himself today. He had two interceptions and one was returned 64 yards for a touchdown that involved some impressive footwork to stay in-bounds. The rest of the corners and safeties need a lot more work. The Chiefs had over 300 yards passing, and there was no coverage on Tony Gonzalez all day (half of that blame should be put on the linebackers too). Eight different receivers caught the ball for the Chiefs and there were far too many 10+ yard receptions throughout the game. If the Bills can't stop the Chiefs passing game, whose can they stop?

Special Teams: A

Rian Lindell was a perfect 4 for 4, and the Bills had great kick return coverage all day, probably seeing the most playing time out of any unit on the field. McKelvin had more impressive kick returns today, resulting in a 33-yard kick return average. Moorman had only two punts, averaging over 40 yards a punt and had one inside the 20 yard line. This unit hardly ever has a bad day and this game was no different.

Coaching: B

Turk Schonert called great plays all game. The Bills almost put up the most points in team history and you can thank Trent Edwards and Schonert's play calling for that. Perry Fewell had a much harder day. The Chiefs running game and passing game were both relatively effective in the game, but those five turnovers will help any team win a game. Dick Jauron had an effective day, mixing up the play calling situations a bit, and keeping the Chiefs defense on their toes all day.

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