Simplicity is the key

Nate Clements felt the Bills played the best this year when the players were reacting on instinct, rather than adhering to the stringent functions of a system.

"We have to play off instinct," he said. "Basically go out there and have fun."

After he said that, Clements was asked how he felt about the Bills' defense philosophy and whether he still liked it.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," he said, contorting his face as if the questioner was nuts. "I love the scheme. The scheme puts me in position to make plays."

Of course, the coaches did modify the system somewhat as the season wore on.

"We've been playing cover-two a little more than we have in the past," Clements said. "It worked. We switched the coverages up knowing that it would throw the offenses off guard. It worked. Nothing difficult, just made everything basic and simple. You go with what's working for you."

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