After further review... was as bad as it looked. Buffalo's 16-3 loss in Toronto had flaws all over. Here's a list of final observations from Sunday's brutal defeat. Among other things, Marshawn Lynch took the blame for Buffalo's anemic rushing effort.

---Buffalo needs Trent Edwards back. ASAP. Yeah, breaking news there.

J.P. Losman was full of holiday spirit Sunday, giving Miami plenty of offensive possessions. Seriously, when will Buffalo cut their losses? Losman went 13-of-27, fumbled three times (losing one) and threw a pick. His heaving overthrows that sail out of bounds are embarrasing for a pro quarterback. Well, unfortunately it's looking like the Bills will be forced to start him again. Edwards (groin) is questionable for the Bills' game at New York this week. Against a hungry Jets' defense it's hard seeing Buffalo generating any offense at all. This funk isn't going to reverse any time soon. Unless of course, Losman chomps up boxes upon boxes of Flutie Flakes over the next three days.

---Don't blame the defense. After a midseason slump, Buffalo's 'D' is finishing strong. Sure, Chad Pennington found a rhythm last week. But overall, the defense is not giving up big plays and keeping teams out of the red zone. Since San Francisco's game-opening touchdown drive two weeks ago, the Bills have allowed only one offensive touchdown in 19 drives. That's improvement. The pass rush remains in a sad state (Pennington was only sacked once), but at least Buffalo is getting stops. Paul Posluszny will be the cornerstone of this defense for years. In Toronto, he totaled 11 tackles (8 solo). Miami's flashy duo of Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams only managed 3.4 yards a crack on the ground. Unlike so many other coordinators this season, Buffalo's Perry Fewell was ready. If you're searching for silver linings, look no further.

Even more impressive here is the fact that Miami was playing one mean game of keepaway. The ball-control Dolphins held the ball for nearly 38 minutes. The defense's success is bittersweet really. Here we are --- a time when everyone should be mentioning the Bills in playoff roundtables --- and the 'D' has finally turned the corner. Finally, the Bills are mostly healthy defensively. But it doesn't matter. The offense has regressed worse than anyone expected. Throw Turner Gill's UB 'O' out there and Drew Willy might at least points on the board. An above-average defense will never compensate for a putrid offense.

---Marshawn Lynch broke months of silence Wednesday, speaking for the first time since September. (Apparently, he hasn't gone mute!) It's unclear what set Lynch off but uncorked a mini tirade of soundbytes to the Buffalo media. He's taking full responsibility for the team's rushing woes.

"You can blame it on whoever you want to blame it on, but if you're looking for the right person to blame it on, I'm right here," Lynch said.

After three weeks of dominating efforts, Lynch was neutralized by Miami. He averaged 2.4 yards per carry, often forcing the Bills into unmanagable 3rd-and-longs (Buffalo was 1-of-10 on the crucial down). Lynch's offensive line has been inconsistent all year, but on Wednesday Lynch veered all attention to him. He wants to be the scapegoat.

"If there's somebody on the team who's had a lot said about them, it's me," Lynch continued. "You can dump the trash on me. I'm going to dust it off, step on it and rise and keep going."

Big ups to Lynch for shouldering some blame. About time someone said Enough's Enough. For months he's boycotted the media, presumably due to perceived harsh criticism he received during his hit-and-run incident in the offseason. But at least somebody finally spoke up. For weeks, the Bills have been at a weekly loss of words. It's about time irritation boiled over. This team lacks spunk, probably a reflection of Dick Jauron's cold demeanor. Maybe Lynch just provided some fuel to the team's fire --- even if it's about six weeks too late.

---Over the past two rock-bottom losses, Buffalo has ventured into inside the 20-yard line five times and scored zero touchdowns - a sheer reflection of permanent personnel problems. The Bills need go-for-the-jugular playmakers. We all thought Lynch was one such weapon. But it's now obvious the Bills need to seek explosiveness in free agency.

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