Jauron hints he'll be back

At practice Monday, Buffalo's head coach hinted he'll be on the sideline next season...

Despite seven losses in nine games and yesterday's brutal meltdown, Dick Jauron anticipates that he'll be back as Buffalo's head coach next season.

Speaking for the first time about his job status, Jauron said he thinks he'll be back. He declined to give a reason why he believes he will return as coach and did not answer questions about the reported contract extension he received.

Also, team chief operating officer Russ Brandon has declined to answer any questions about Jauron's job status.

The burner on Jauron's job status cranked up a notch Sunday when the coach decided to pass the ball with the lead and only 2:06 left. The Jets forced a fumble and returned it for a touchdown to stun the Bills.

Jauron, who told offensive coordinator Turk Schonert to run the pass play, admitted it was the wrong call.

"Anytime it doesn't work you have second thoughts," Jauron said. "It was my call. The outcome of it shows that it was not the right call at the right time. I don't think it is the wrong call if it works."

If Jauron did indeed sign a contract extension as reported, the Bills would need buy it out to fire him.

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