Report Card: Week 15

There may have been some bright spots for the Bills in last Sunday's game against the Jets, but not many. BFR's Rich Pulvino takes a closer look at the game and hands out his weekly grades...

Quarterback: F

Yes, J.P. Losman kept the Bills in the game… until the last three possessions. First, there was the fumble returned for a touchdown, then an interception, and then another interception. Losman proved that he really does not know how to win a game, unless dumb luck is on his side, like it was last year when he played in the Meadowlands. Losman finished 24 of 39 for 149 yards, a touchdown, and a trio of interceptions. It'll be interesting to see if he plays next week against the poor Broncos defense.

Running Backs: A+

Marshawn Lynch and Fred Jackson did everything they could in order to help the Bills win. Lynch had 21 carries for 127 yards, averaging an impressive six yards per carry. Fred Jackson had a powerhouse of a touchdown run in the fourth quarter that gave the Bills the lead, but proved to not be enough, because even with the running game on fire, Losman will still find a way to lose.

Offensive Line: B-

They did a great job on the run blocking, but the pass protection could have used some help. Some of the backfield pressure came from Losman holding on to the ball too long. When the Jets rush four defensemen, they should not be able to hit Losman, no matter how long he holds the ball.

Tight Ends: C

A pretty quiet, typical day for the tight ends. Robert Royal and Derek Fine got in on three catches, but they were not anything impressive. They were a big help on the run protection, but pass blocking needs to be stepped up a notch… especially with Losman taking the snaps.

Wide Receivers: C

Josh Reed and Lee Evans were relatively quiet with four catches each. Stevie Johnson was the star receiver, catching a 2-yard, tight spiraled touchdown from Losman in the second quarter. For most of the game, this crew had a tough time getting open quick enough for Losman to find them before getting hit. Quicker routes are a must next week.

Defensive Line: D

No sacks, no pressure, and no run stop from the front four today. A couple of the guys made some nice tackles, but if the Bills are to have any chance of holding teams to fewer points, a pass rush is a must and the Bills have absolutely no pass rushing abilities… none.

Linebackers: D+

The Jets had 165 yards rushing, which was far too many. There were missed tackles galore, and the blitz packages that these guys were taking part in were ineffective. Paul Posluszny had an interception that was kicked in his direction, but that was the only real high point for these guys today.

Secondary: B+

Yes, Brett Favree did have several long balls completed, but it was the Bills secondary that kept them in the game. Favre was only 17 of 30 for just over 200 yards and he also had a pair of interceptions. The secondary kept relatively good coverage on receivers like Cotchery and Coles all day, preventing them from being any serious threat. Terrence McGee had a key interception that helped put the Bills back in the game.

Special Teams: B+

Rian Lindell was perfect for field goals, and the fake punt in the first quarter was classic, unpredictable Bills special teams. Leodis McKelvin had a beautiful kick return for a touchdown in the second half, but a stupid (invisible?) holding call was made and it was brought back. Roscoe Parrish also had a great punt return that gave the Bills great field position on a scoring drive. Covering Leon Washington proved to be a little difficult, but it was a productive day, overall, for the special teams.

Coaching: B

You can't blame Schonert and Jauron for J.P. Losman's bonehead moves. The coaching staff was making most of the right calls all day, keeping the Bills two minutes away from pulling off a big upset. Perry Fewell's crew definitely struggled. If the blitz packages don't work, then I have no idea how the Bills ever hope to develop a pass rush. It needs to happen now, or pick up a new defensive end in the off-season.

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